Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A simple, quick recipe found on the back of my emptied sugar bag.
Upon recognizing Sandra Lee's name, I knew I would try the recipe.
I needed a small gift, and this worked for me.

In no time at all, I baked a batch of these delicious cookies!  I shaped them into tiny cookies. Isn't it true, if the cookies are tiny, so are the calories? Please tell me that is true:)
 My kitchen smelled wonderful, like I had been cooking all day(instead of a few minutes). 

I took a one of my small, 7oz. tin can and added a touch of decoration to it.
Took a cupcake size muffin paper, lightly folded it in half and cut out a circle from the center.
Slid it over the can.  Added a red ribbon at the top of it.

In a small cellophane bag, I stacked the tiny cookies.
Added a homemade tag.
The gift was ready.

Oh, the simplicity of a "thinking of you" creation, from the kitchen of someone who cares...

... being expressed in a recycled "Green Giant" can.

"It isn't the big pleasures that count the most; 
it's making a great deal out of the little ones."
~Jean Webster


Debbie said...

I LOVE snickerdoddles....these sound wonderful...I can smell them too, haha...Great gift idea. Have a good day! HUGS

Judy said...

Green Giant never looked so good! Thanks for the inspiration.

Lovella ♥ said...

I love all your beautiful quick ideas. Thanks for sharing Judy.

Mammy said...

What a thoughtful gift. Don't you just love to receive simple gifts?! I'll "borrow" your idea if you don't mind....

tootles said...

These are my favorite posts of yours- I love all your cozy recipes and fun ways of presenting them!
Blessings to you !

lindsey said...

This is a great idea Judy and looks lovely. I love snickerdoodles...we really don't have so many baking mixes as you do in the US which is a shame. You are right of course about the calories and if you eat them fast there is even less!! I am sure your gift was very gratefully received.

Anneliese said...

You are such a thoughtful gift giver! Love that idea with the re-cycled can.

Kathleen said...

Oh my ... I haven't had a Snickerdoodle in ten years! Guess I better try your recipe!

By the way, I served your Apple Crisp recipe last week when my sister visited. What a hit! I added a few drizzles of caramel on top. Loved the Craisins!


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