Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I thought to myself today...
What if they enjoy photography like I do?
What if they have a longing for summer to remain just a bit longer like I do?
What if they have a love of flowers like I do?
Because of my "what ifs"...
you get to see these pictures with me.
Hope you find some relaxing solace like I do, when I look at them.

This is the sight I continue to see, as I sit at my desk to work.  I took this picture through the window.  My roses are more abundant now, than they were all summer.

One of my mother's three remaining hydrangeas.

This picture was taken at a nearby park...

...under the peaceful Weeping Willow trees.  Do they bring memories of your childhood back to you, as they do me?  My good friend parent's had quite a few of these trees in their backyard.  We had hours of fun playing and talking under their branches.

The red knockout roses that are growing outside my back door.

And one of the last two of my Becky daisies growing in my side flower bed.

As cool as it has been lately, I am sure these are the last of my summer flower pictures I will share with you.

"Autumn" is revealing it's beauty everywhere we look, in this part of the country. 
I will never tire of those sights.

Slowly, quietly, without fanfare, the leaves are turning colors.
I can almost smell the aromas of the season in the air.
Thank you so much for stopping by this evening, and for the privilege of sharing this beauty with you.


Connie said...

Hi Judy....Glad you are still enjoying your summer flowers...they are beautiful! We are enjoying our first full day of rain and I'm loving it.

How exciting for your hubby to get to spend some time with his brothers and in such a beautiful setting. I love the Pioneer Woman too and have enjoyed seeing the ranch. AND last but not least...your grandchildren are growing up and I don't know how you thought you were going to get 5 little ones to look at you all at once....I can't get my three to do that....even promising the best treats ever...loved to see your attempt. Being so near our grandchildren is the best and we are both so blessed! Enjoy your flowers some more.....


Christine said...

As a child I love looking at magazines. Today, it's blogs and all the wonderful pictures everyone puts on there posts.
Yes, I enjoy every picture.

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Pretty pictures of the outdoors! You have such a beautiful family and you are so blessed! :)

Jeane` said...

Wow! I kept waiting for the credit for your uncle, and there was none. That's because YOU were the one behind the camera! And what a fine job you did!!! Love ya.

lindsey said...

Thanks so much for sharing Judy...I certainly enjoyed your photo's!

Kathleen said...

You've captured the best of Fall! It's my favorite time of year, so you just have to know I was especially delighted with the scenes & thoughts you shared.

Yes, the Weeping Willow is pivotal in my childhood memories. There was one large one just outside my bedroom window. When breezes or winds came up, it would sing to me. Really :)

That duck looks an awful lot like the clan of ducks at a nearby pond.

Think I'll take my camera with me tomorrow and see what scenes I can capture too.


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