Sunday, February 6, 2011

"Heaven's hope does for your world what the sunlight did for my grandmother's cellar.  I owe my love
 of peach preserves to her.  She canned her own and stored them in an underground cellar near her West
Texas house.  It was a deep hole with wooden steps, plywood walls, and a musty smell. As a  young-
ster I used to climb in, close the door, and see how long I could last in the darkness.  Not even a slit
of light entered that underground hole.  I would sit silently, listening to my breath and heartbeats, until
I couldn't take it anymore and then would race up the stairs and throw open the door.  Light would ava-
lanche into the cellar.  What a change!  Moments before I couldn't see anything-all of a sudden I could
see everthing.

Just as light poured into the cellar, God's hope pours into your world.  Upon the sick, he shines the ray
of healing.  To the bereaved, he gives the promise of reunion.  For the dying, he lit the flame of
resurrection.  To the confused, he offers the light of Scripture.
God gives hope."
~ "Traveling Light"  Max Lucado

"Hope" is what keeps me going day after day, in this world.  Wishing you sunlight and hope in your world today...'s presence changes everything.


Miss Debbie said...

Beautiful post...don't you just love Max Lucado? What a gifted writer he is! Thanks for sharing this today!

lindsey said...

God truly does give us hope. Have a blessed week Judy

debi said...

I love everything he writes.......we do have hope. Not just the kind of hope, "I hope I win the game" but the kind of hope that is a sure thing....


GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Your photos are perfect for this post. So encouraging :)

Crickit said...

I agree about what you said about "Hope". So glad I have my hope in Christ. Your photo of the sun coming in through the blinds is really pretty.

Kathleen said...

I'm thinking you are really going to enjoy Spring this year!

Hope. I've run into a good many people this week that are clinging to it: our friend Fred was just diagnosed with throat cancer; my sister (the one who just lost her husband) is witnessing the closure (bankruptcy) of their family business & livelihood; others have lost jobs. They're looking forward to a different sort of Spring, and me with them.

What a great comfort are these thoughts today, Judy. Thank you.


Judy said...

I so enjoy Max Lucado's writings! Yes...hope is our inspiration day after day.

Landis said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!


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