Thursday, February 10, 2011

This tray graces the wall over her stove top and seems to me to be the perfect accent for her kitchen.  My mother has always enjoyed the color pink and roses have remained her favorite flower over the years.  Her white kitchen and softly painted pink walls have a calming effect on all who visit her.

For a Christmas gift, I created this dessert and(or) drink tray for her and her pink and white decor.  I took a gold painted wooden serving tray, and to the corner of the tray I hot glued some gorgeous, real looking pink and white flowers.  The flowers have touches of glitter on some of their edges, which adds a special touch, and lots of dark green foliage.

I then took a battery operated strand of tiny white lights and incorporated them into and underneath the flowers.  The small battery case for the lights, I placed underneath the foliage with easy access to the small on and off switch.

The softly tinted pink glassware is waiting to be filled with favorite drinks or desserts.  Another possiblity would be to serve mugs of coffee or tea on this tray.  The tray concept makes it easy to carry it all to the table.  The strand of lights add a festive touch to the tray, and one set of double A batteries lasts a long time, since it is used only on special occasions.  Thought you might like seeing a few of my mother's pink treasures.

(picture from Country Living)

Pink roses remind me of Valentine's Day, and also make me eager for the summer season and my own pink roses from the garden.


lindsey said...

Lovely gift for your mother Judy, I am sure she loves it..especially as it has been made by you. So very pretty!

Stacey said...

Very pretty. I know your mom must love that tray.

One of my good friends had a soft pink kitchen for years. I always loved it. said...

I can't help but feel how much your mother must love you! What a gracious and loving heart her daughter has!

Cherrie said...

The tray is just beautiful...I'm sure your mother was so delighted. I would have to leave the pretty lights on every evening.

The Tiquehunters Wife said...

What a lovely and thoughtful gift and idea of lasting beauty for your mom to enjoy and pass on as she serves her guest! And what could be better than sharing beautiful Roses with us as we near Valentines day!
Love seeing all your sweet grands too!
Have a wonderful week Judy!
With Love from the cabin,

Judy said...

Beautiful! So pretty with the little lights.


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