Monday, November 22, 2010

She has been a friend for a long time.
She is one of the most artistic and creative ladies that I have ever met.
She is stopped by last week and dropped off this Creative Memories album that she painstakingly made for me, to document our latest granddaughter's first year of life. Really girls, it is an amazing gift of time and skill.
I find it quite difficult to know how to possibly express to her, my thankfulness and deep appreciation. She is a "scrapbooker extrodinaire" and she has shared that talent with me.

Our latest little granddaughter was born on September 25th. This is her newly created book.
Her first Christmas pictures and documentation will be placed here. All I need to do is to slide each paper out of the page and glue on pictures and write down the memories to go with each one.

Her first snow pictures will be placed on this page.

I love how my friend created tags that she used to identify each page, along with the colored ribbons.

At five months, she will experience her first Valentine's Day with pictures on this page.

The tiny pearl heart with the sweet. Just perfect for a little girl.

Her moments at the beach will be experienced at 11 months.

Hopefully sand castle and all. I am impressed with each of the carefully planned details.

This page will record her first birthday with all of us celebrating.

There you have it, a most beautifully created way to document the first year of life for a very special little one. And if you are all left speechless with this friend has created one of these masterpieces for each one of my grandchildren. I am so blessed to call her my friend.

Speaking of our little granddaughter, here she is with her parents after their church baby dedication service.

One precious little girl.


Debbie said...

Your little granddaughter is just precious and beautiful. Her parents look so happy. That lady is not only a good scrapbooker, but a very good friend. What time and detail!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy@Home said...

She is indeed a precious little girl. That is such a lovely photo of the proud parents with their sweet baby.
Your friend has made such a beautiful gift for you to use to capture the highlights of your granddaughter's first year. How fun it will be for you to create those pages.
Your friend truly does sound like a blessing and I have no doubt that you are a real blessing to her as well.

Melinda said...

Such a nice gift for you. She did a super great job on it!


Judy said...

Wow...what an incredible gift that is...from your scrapbooking friend!

And what a precious granddaughter you have. A lovely baby dedication family photo...ready to slip into your keepsake album.

a woman who is said...

That is simply amazing and so lucky for you to have such a dear creative friend. Your grand baby is soooo cute! Much love and joy for you and her over all the years to come!

Thanks for your prayers and encouragement. I am riding on the wings of love and God's great grace. Can't wait to see how this all pans out...right now we are also in the middle of a winter blizzard...both inside and out...hahaha. God is good and I am loving this new season and adventure.

Jeane` said...

Does Judi know that she's made all the children's Baby Books???? ;) She is one amazing dame.

As for that little girl at the bottom of your post...I cannot WAIT to cover her little face with kisses!!!!

corners of my life said...

What an incredibly thoughtful gift. You are blessed to have a beautiful new grandbaby and such a dear friend.

Anonymous said...

Your little granddaughter is so sweet and adorable ♥ What a wonderful book your friend made for you. I am sure it will be filled with much love and cherished memories of your little grands first year. I hope you and your family had a beautiful thanksgiving!


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