Friday, November 26, 2010 is a fact of my life and yours.
This year was all about change for me.
Once again, we were privileged to share a very special Thanksgiving celebration at the old farmhouse of my brother-in-law and sister-in-law, and as always the warm welcome of these two, was extended to us.
The "us" was just my husband and I. We, along with my mother-in-law were invited to join their family for the celebration. Not one of our daughters or our grandchildren were able to join us.
This was the first time in 33 years for us.
We were honored to join with their wonderful family.
The tablescape in the old farmhouse kitchen was so beautifully done. My sister-in-law and her creative daughters can make any tablescape worth photographing.

Their little guys had their own table and they were just as pleased as could be.

They played games and spent time with paper and crayons.

We read a letter on memories from one of us, that is in another country during the holidays, giving us laughter and then more stories.

Here is a picture of four generations. Great-grandmother, grandmother, mother, and little granddaughter share a special moment together.

My neice put together this unique corn creation that added a touch of warmth to her kitchen counter.
As we sat and talked around the kitchen table, I was reminded of the fact that life is so full of change. For years I have been sitting around this same kitchen table, celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday. For many of those years I was jumping up quite often to check on my own children. Then there were the years when I had teenagers sitting around the same table with me.
Now, I sat at the table realizing that change had happened. Some of our girls were out of state, and one of them and her husband decided to have their own celebration their little ones.

But, as always when we walked out the door and said goodbye to these dear people, I felt thankfulness in my heart, that despite the change I had to accept, I was so blessed by our visit.
Another memory was created for me at this cozy, inviting farm in the country.
We drove miles in the rain, to face yet another change in our Thanksgiving celebrating.
We were invited to our oldest daughter's home to share with a Thanksgiving dinner with them.
Our daughter and son-in-law had cooked their first turkey dinner and we would sit down at their table and celebrate together.

I relinquished my cooking and being in charge role to this lovely daughter. I was no longer at the stove and hurriedly rushing through the many duties of creating a meal.

You see, somehow in what seems like a brief amount of time, I went from the age of my daughter with young children of my own, to being in the age group and role of "mawmaw".
As I sat in their kitchen and observed her and her husband working together, and listened as little ones voices filled their home, I was confronted again with the changes of my life.

The little blond seated to my right, pulled my sleeve to get my attention, her chubby hand was covered with the cranberry sauce, she had been eating with her fingers. I didn't care. I love this little girl. The red cranberry sauce could be washed off. She didn't mean to do it, although her mother was dismayed at the incident.
I find myself with a whole new mindset these days. My daugher said, "mom, your rules sure have changed since we were children." That is true. And, you know what, someday her rules will change too.

I am a "mama" now. I am done with the parenting role:)
I was told the rules change, and now I know that to be true.

The green bean casserole that has been one of my Thanksgiving meal favoites for many years was still on the table. Now though, it was baked by the one coming after me. I had the great privilege of sitting and eating it.
Change...I know that I will face more in the years ahead. I know without a doubt, that life is just like that. The changes ahead could be a lot more difficult to accept than these simple ones were. Some of you have faced many more radical changes than I have this year. I know that from reading your blogs. You had far more to process in your minds and hearts this Thanksgiving holiday, than I did.
But today, I appreciate that you let me share with you, the chapter of life that I found myself in this holiday.

Daughter, I am proud of the person you grew up to be, and I am thankful for the husband God has blessed you with. I am thankful for the dear little ones who stared out the window, waving good bye to us as we drove away, and yes, I am even thankful for the change factors of my life.


Happy@Home said...

Change does seem to be happening more and more at this stage of life. I appreciate you sharing the way things have changed in your life and also how you deal with these changes.
Your Thanksgiving at the farm looks like a lovely day. Your SIL and her daughter sure did do a beautiful job in the decor department.
How nice to finish the day in the home of your daughter. I love the picture of your grandchildren peeking out the window. So sweet!!
Wishing you a relaxing and wonderful weekend.

Brigitte said...

Judy-I have been reading your blog for over a year now. I am always the observer, but never the commenter. Today, I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your heart-felt posts. You are a beautiful writer and I feel I know you from what you have shared from your life in your posts. May you and yours be blessed! Brigitte in SD

lindsey said...

Lovely post Judy and how beautiful yourdaughter looks cant inmagine she has that busy family to care for and cook a Thanksgiving meal as well! yes our rules do change dont they :) Funny how your grandchildren call you do our twins, they can say Grandma & Grandpa and that is what we say but the always call us Mama an sweet! I do find the changes a little hard at times especially as our family is so spread out. I realy would have likes a family photos for this years Christmas cards but its not to be :( But I am so blessed that they are all where God wants them to be and loving Him too.

corners of my life said...

Letting go is often hard but in the end most "change" is good. Thanks for sharing that story.

debi said...

By far this post has really touched my heart.. Change is a comin' for sure and in leaps and bounds. I too struggle with our family traditions coming to an end one at a time as the kids are starting their own. There is no stopping it......its a heart thing for sure.

Hugs my friend...

Marty said...

Ah Judy. You put words to many of the same feelings I have - have had - as our children follow after us and then lead. Much prayer has gone into parenting - and continues so as we grandparent. And the changes in life are always an adjustment but necessary. I so very much identified with you. We head to our daughters home today for the same routine. And being in the middle of packing - well, it's kinda nice. =) Blessings to you, my friend. You write from your heart and say it well.

Anonymous said...

Such a lovely and heart felt post! I think we have to go with the flow of change that is sometime difficult and other times easy to accept. Everything today is so different from when I grew up. Like you say many rules change. Some for the better some not so much. I love all of the pretty tablescapes you shared with us. Isn't it nice to be invited out once in a while now rather than doing everything your self?I hope you have a wonderful weekend and a lovely week ahead.

Christine said...

You wrote in words just how I feel!
Knowing I'm not the only one going through this time in life, makes it more than "just a little something for me". It's reassuring.

Crickit said...

Thank you for sharing your Thanksgiving Day with us. We did not have our WHOLE famiy together also this year. I missed my daughter and her husband terribly. Look what a wonderful legacy you have handed down to your beautiful daughter. Isn't it awesome to see what our children learn from us and when it is their "turn" we see that all of our parenting work really does pay off in the end! :)

Susan said...

Looks like your day was beautiful! Your daughter looks just like you!

Melinda said...

Time does have a way of changing
the way we do things and approach the world.
Change is hard for a lot of us but we do find a way to deal with it.

Have a wonderful Sunday.


Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I know how you feel Judy as my life has changed since my son and daughter-in-law moved to Colorado. Now I have a long distance family calling to my heart, as well as a frail Mother who is still living on her own that I must care for, and a single daughter who is on her own but undecided in many areas of her life as far as career and marriage. It seems I have to take on new roles for each person, but I am content that life is good and change is a part of living a long and full life.

Miss Debbie said...

Well it certainly looks like you had a special day! I feel like I have had a week long holiday.... first my visit in TN with our son and his girls and then we all came here to have Thanksgiving with the rest of the family on Thurs. The TN three headed home today. So, the house is empty again. It was a sweet week....tiring but full of memories!

thistlewoodfarm said...

How wonderful to have such an incredible daughter! Happy early Thanksgiving to you!

Happy day!


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