Tuesday, November 30, 2010

An Apron Giveaway!!!

Rain is hitting the windows and more rain is on the way.
The news being broadcast over the television leaves one feeling rather gloomy, too.
But, this evening I decided I am going to have a giveaway.
The month of December is almost here, and we just came through a busy holiday last week.
Sometimes, at the end of a busy day, I sit down to my computer and find myself entering into another world, the world of blogging. With the touches of a few keys, I can find myself visiting blogs that create, that take me on travel adventures that I never imagined myself on. I can visit fellow grandparents, fellow empty nesters, view photography blogs, decorating blogs, crafting blogs, and learn new cooking skills. I can find encouragement and inspiration from some much wiser than me. And to think that only a few years ago, I was not even interested in learning how to turn on a computer.
Who would have thought the world of blogging could become a fun part of my life.
Your visits here to my blog, the times you share comments on your heart...it means so much to me.
I just want to say "thank you" to each of you. I humbles me to think that you may find interest in stepping into my world, if only for a few minutes each week.

My simple way of expressing gratitude, is to have a giveaway of another one of my sister-in-law's beautiful, well made aprons.
The one I chose to give away, is like the one I chose to give my middle daughter, a few years ago.
I like it with it's bright red cherries, because it makes me happy. For some reason, it reminds my of my mother's kitchen, years ago. I also like it because it looks nice with black pants and a black top. Simple dinner attire for a busy hostess.
I know many of you will be cooking and baking for family and friends over the holidays,so it is fun to offer this lovely creation for you.All you need to do to win, is to leave a comment on this blog. Even if you never left a comment before and you don't plan on doing it again, it doesn't matter.

The workmanship on this apron is meticulous.
If you would like to see a sampling of her aprons, simply click HERE.

My way of letting you know just how much I appreciate each of you, those who I know visit my blog and those who I am not aware of their visits.
It is late and my eyes cannot stay open much longer.
Good night!


Christine said...

Wow, your words and thoughts about visiting other blogs hits home. I too love to visit with others who have shared interests. Being a blogger has changed my world. It is so much bigger!

Melinda said...

Your're very welcome. Blogging does take us to a lot of places,
which is cool!

The apron is so cheerful!


Miss Debbie said...

I love aprons and that is a very pretty one! You are very kind to give it away. I hope you rest well and have a great Wednesday!

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Oh, Judy, another chance to win won of your sister-in-law's gorgeous aprons. How lucky are we! This one is just adorable!

I love your sweet little "welcome" poem! It is so cute & meaningful!


Happy@Home said...

I echo your sentiments on the blogging world. It is indeed another world ~ an interesting, inspiring, wonderful world :).
Your sister-in-law has created another beautiful apron. The cherry print is so cute and the ruffles are adorable!!
How sweet of you to have this giveaway.
By the way, the new look you have created for Christmas is so pretty. The header picture is charming.

momsmoker said...

I visit your blog often and enjoy reading about your children and grandchildren. I would love to have one of your sister-in-law's aprons!

Landis said...

Oh my goodness, I would wear one of those as a dress!! ...that is if that back weren't completely exposed. :) She is so talented! Pass along the message that she should start a dress collection.

Sarah said...

I'm one of Jeane's friends and blog followers..she lead me to your blog! I must say this apron is FAB-U-LOUS! I think it's be so much more fun to make dinner every night wearing that!:)

I look forward to your future posts!

Marty said...

I mirror your comments about the joys of transporting into other folks worlds through their blogs. I often close out my day by blog-travel. I hope to join in again after the new year and things are a tad more settled. Your give away is a cheery (and cherry) thought to this windy, cold and rainy day.

Julie said...

i, too, have taken to blogging....like a duck to water. i almost feel COMPELLED....like leaving a legacy. who would ever have thought technology would lead us to this? i <3 it!
judy, i've gotta admit. i spy on you nearly every day. and...unregretably, i don't take the time to comment on your uplifiting, encouraging site. i laugh with you, use recipes, get ideas to use with my babysitting my grandbabies. a secret friend am i!
i guess it takes winning an apron to bring spy-ers out of the woodwork. :) i suppose we were born in the same era. i have a real love for cherries....which were all over my mother's kitchen!
so...this apron set me thinking some wonderful nostalgic memories! i can see the amazing quality of that apron....as i am a sewer also. (though not so much these days.) ;)
God BLESS you, judy! for your gracious gift offer.
keep blogging!
(bet your couldn't stop if you wanted to. i understand this. :)

Crickit said...

I have so enjoyed blogging. It has been wonderful becoming friends with those all over the US. I really enjoy reading yours weekly. Thank you for always giving us a little something "from" you! :)

Elizabethd said...

I've just found you via Judy in Canada.What a lovely blog you have. It is amazing how posting seems to open a door to friendship isnt it!

johannar said...

Is this like a wine tasting? Shall I use outrageous adjec\tives that don't really help us understand the apron?:)
I love it! Somehow cherries are always cheerful and adorable. She looks like a skilled seamtress.

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Teaming rain and wind here today too.

Your giveaway is as lovely as your blog! Very sweet :) Always a joy reading your posts and connecting with you as a wife, mom and grandmom!

Mammy said...

I love your blog and visit often. I wish I had a sister-in-law like your's. Mine is totally useless, can't sew or craft at all....but I love her anyway. Would love to win your apron. I might even let my non-cooking sister-in-law (I TOLD you she was useless!) try it on!

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Well said fellow traveler via blogdom. My world became a much cozier place because now I think about "friends" when I read news about places they live, or see things that they have shared. Somehow neighborhood neighbors are not nearly as chummy, perhaps because setting up timing for such visits is difficult while the blogger can throw open their life's windows for visitors at any hour.

Love those cheery cherries!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Judy I have been so happy to visit your blog over the past year. I have enjoyed seeing your lovely family functions. I have especially enjoyed the photos of your adorable grandchildren and watching them grow.
The household tips and crafts you share on your blog are always so beautifully presented and your comments to me are always so supportive and thoughtful.

You are a cherished blog friend and it is always so nice to visit you.

This apron is so beautiful and someone will be very fortunate to win it!

kgoldsmith said...

Oh, how fun to enter into a giveaway for one of those amazing aprons!!

Thanks for all of your postings...my hippie sisters from California are reading your blog now too~~ how awesome is that??

Kimmie G

corners of my life said...

Cherries and ruffles? What could be better - good choice. You are so generous to give one away.

Debbie said...

Judy, your taste is impeccable in aprons too. I don't usually enter giveaways; I feel I should have one myself! But that apron is so cute and you know my daughter is getting married. It's just her style, so I'M IN! Thank you so much for making the offering. I have been so remisce in blogging lately, I've thought of closing it down. I'm thinking long and hard on it. I do enjoy visiting with you and others and am often encouraged by your comments.
THANK YOU! You're always like a ray of sunshine to those around you!

debi said...

Those are beauties, I just may have to order :-) She does great work to be sure :-)

I still enjoy my ice cream sundae gift you sent....please remove my name from the hat so that some other person can be blessed by this awesome apron !


betsyesbenshade said...

Hi Judy, I did not know you had a blog. I am not to great at computer these days! I love your family and know how wonderful Julie is at sewing. I also love anything vintage! You have precious grandchildren, as you already know! What a fun idea to have a give-away!

Brigitte said...

I would love to win the beautiful apron made by your sister-in-law! Keep writing!

Hannah said...

I love your blog and I love that apron. Thanks for all that you have to share, I check out yours and your daughters blog a few times a week! They are great! Have a wonderful week!!

http://bitsandpieces-sonja.blogspot.com/ said...

oh I so completely agree with you Judy! Blogging is a big world, and one tht is full of fellow 'sister' who share this journey of life. It has blessed me too, and continues to, each day! And 'sister'... you are one of them!

Love your blog, I always have, and needless to say, I love this precious apron! :)

Judy G said...

LLLLLLLOOOOOOVVVVVEEEE the apron! and I so enjoy your blog and seeing the grands. Yours and Jeane's are the only ones I read.

Judy said...

Like you...I often come late at night to check up on my blogging friends. I have so enjoyed my time here...always coming away encouraged and often with practical tips for decorating, gift-giving or 'eating'. Thanks for sharing yourself with us in this way.

How nice of you to be giving away a cheery-cherry apron. The recipient will have a treasure!

Connie said...

I love aprons and blogging too. You have richly changed my world too without even meeting in person. You have encouraged me on your blog and in your comments left on my blog. I am better for knowing you even if it's thru a blog.

Love ya, Connie

Love Being A Nonny said...

Oh my word, I LOVE that apron! You should see the one I wore on Thanksgiving...pitiful!! Love this!

Kerry said...

I love your blog and read it and "the coffee cottage" every day. It really brightens my day and cheers my heart. I'm also making your lemon breads this year as Christmas gifts because they looked amazing.

Rach said...

Oh my! Maybe too cute to even use!! I love the ruffle.

Gram said...

Such a pretty apron and I share your sentiments about blogging. It gives me such comfort to know others share my feelings about so many things and I can count on a smile or two when reading.

Lovella ♥ said...

Judy. . .absolutely delightful.
Our second round of wallpaper for our first home had cherry wallpaper. It is such a retro feel that just makes me happy.

lindsey said...

What a fantastic idea Judy and so ver sweet of you. Especially as it is your blog that blesses us all I am sure. I love to visit blogs too, you are right thre are so many creative and gifted people out their and I find it a priviledge to be able to step into other peoples worlds and enjoy visiting their homes and families. Thank you Judy fo finding time to visit and comment onmy blog and I know on others too. Bless you!

PatsyAnne said...

I love your blog - checking it from time to time, reading entries that I've missed - at my office desk, cup of coffee in hand, it puts me back in the country having coffee with friends... I LOVE the apron, someday would like to make some of my own, but this one with its bright cheery cherries and ruffles is too perfect!!!!
I hope I win, I hope I win and if I don't, then I hope the person who does loves it as much a I do...


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