Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It seems to be universal...the candy dish that is. It usually appears at the grandma or the great-grandma's house. This happens to be the case. Bright colored little pieces of candy fill the pink glass bowl and the pull towards it is strong. The great-grandma who owns this candy dish provides a plastic spoon and tiny cupcake papers to accomodate the little ones.

When the visits occur, it is almost impossible to walk past the glass table where the pink dish sits.
The funny thing is, the dish completely disappears after the servings are issued. Great-grandmas are smart ladies. They know too much candy is not good...right???

Years ago, quite a few years ago, the adorable ones in the generation before were just as drawn to candy. The third cute little blond with the white ribbon in her hair is the mother to the twins in the previous picture. The country style candy store at the beach was almost impossible for her to walk past too. That is why she smiles as she watches their faces light up at the sight of candy...she remembers.

But it became puzzling to them when they discovered her other pink glass dish filled with candy, on the coffee table. You can tell by their facial expressions that they are perplexed.

What does one do with glass candy? It looks so good and pretty but eating it is another story. I can just imagine them saying," who would ever want this kind of candy?"
Oh, the little moments of simple pleasures in life.
What memories do you recall of candy dishes or the candy store?


Happy@Home said...

This post is just so precious. Those adorable little girls look so dainty as they are taking their candy. The great grandma has a very clever idea with the little spoon and cupcake liners.

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

One of my fondest memories is my mom making her Christmas fudge. There is not other fudge quite like it! A couple of years ago we had the privilege of having her visit us here in Oregon where she gave a fudge making lesson to the grand daughters. It was so fun and rewarding!

Miss Debbie said...

When I was in high school, I worked at a five and dime store called Elmore's. It had a candy kiosk which consisted of a popcorn machine, a nut case where nuts were sold by the pound, chocolate candy (like choc covered peanuts, turtles. etc), and a 3 cent candy counter (Tootsie Rolls,Jolly Ranchers, Mary Janes,Bit O Honeys, etc).... wow, I am showing my age!!! Anyway, I use to work the kiosk sometimes. That is when I was introduced to Jolly Ranchers. I can remember how the childrens' faces would light up as they looked at all the different candies and how hard it was for them to decide which one they wanted. Gee, hadn't thought of that in a long time! :-) Drop by and see a picture of my punch cup candle holders. I posted a sneak peek of some of the wedding decorations. I gave you credit!!

Melinda said...

I think everone enjoys the "candy" dish. My father-in-law has one and I check it out everytime we are over there! Who can resist???


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Loved this...I so need to keep the candy put up...Your posts are always beautiful

southerninspiration said...

What cutie pies!!!


Wanda said...

Too cool! Love these pics! You are so good at this blog thing!

Lovella ♥ said...

Oh darling photos. .so precious.

debi said...

Those little girls are so darn cute !
Just wanted to thank you for your constant kind words about my blog. It encourages me so much in my desire to write. I write to bless and it just so happens to be what is on my heart at the time :-)

Extra hugs for you my friend !

myletterstoemily said...

what a darling post about my favorite
things, little girls, grandmas, and

Judy said...

Very sweet! The candy bowls were once very hard for me to pass, not so much.

I think this grandma needs some glass candies...a bowl that could stay out year round!


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