Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"An elderly couple was sitting on their porch swing, rocking away the stresses of the day while watching the sunset. They interrupted the silence down and then with comments about the "good old days".
Grandma turned to Grandpa and said, "Honey, do you remember how, when we first started dating, you used to casually reach over and take my hand?"
Grandpa looked at her, smiled, and obligilingly took her hand in his.
With a wry little grin, Grandma pressed a little farther, "Honey, do you remember how when we were courting you used to lean over and suddenly kiss me on the cheek?"
Grandpa leaned toward Grandma and gave her a lingering kiss on her soft, wrinkled cheek.
With added boldness, Grandma said, "Honey, do you remember how, after we were married, you kind of nibbled on my ear?"
Grandpa slowly got up from the porch swing and shuffled his way to the front door.
Alarmed, Grandma said, "Honey, where are you going?"
"To get my teeth."
~from "Espresso for a Women's Spirit."
Pam Vredevelt
Loved this story. It won't be look before this is us:)


Rach said...

LOL! Too funny.

lindsey said...

I had heard this before but it still brought a chuckle...thanks for reminding me!

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

~oh my...way to go Grandpa~

Miss Debbie said...

Very funny! Reminds me of the lady who left her purse at our office. When she came back to get it, she said "There's no money in it. The only reason I came back so quickly is because my teeth are in there." :-)

debi said...

It's good to remember when and why we fell in love with our spouses....adds a feeling of youth and spunk!
Thanks for sharing, too cute..

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

thanks for the laugh....loved it..Have a great Thursday

Crickit said...

This story is really cute! I laughed out loud! Thank you for sharing it.

Unknown said...

Cute story...Made me laugh.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

This was a new one for me, Judy, and made me laugh out loud :) Thanks for the good chuckle!


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