Monday, September 20, 2010

It is good to be back after a four day break. We spent a wonderful time of rest and relaxation with my mom, siblings and their spouses. We were enjoying time spent in the mountains together. Fall was beginning to show it's beautiful colors along with other signs of the upcoming season.
Recently my granddaughter and I discovered this sign as we were driving on some country roads near her home.
Of course we wanted to explore what was up the long winding driveway. Should I say I wanted to explore, but we both were happy with what we found.

All the necessary items for decorating for the newly arriving season, if you choose to do that. I was never big on outside decorating although I appreciate those who do.
I thought it a bit steep to see what they charged for corn stalks:) Overall though, the prices were quite reasonable.

I pictured the cornstalks tied to the lampposts in the neighborhood.

What fun it was for her to sit in the big old wooden wagon filled with pumpkins.

Many shades and hues of pumpkins.

Inside the barn were many different displays of pumpkins, guords, hay, corn stalks, and flowering mums.

I found it interesting to read all the labels.

Quite appropriately these little numbers were called Turk's Turbans. Did you know that?

She liked sitting on the hay bales...

...and throwing hay into the air without anyone telling her not to.

The young mother who ran this operation certainly had an artistic bent. The displays were so creatively done. I was impressed with the huge variety of pumpkins and ghords that they had grown.

The biggest pumpkins were displayed in front of the barn doors. I was thankful that I had discovered the decorated sign at the end of the driveway.

As we drove down the driveway of this country farm, I could not help noticing beauty everywhere I looked, including...

...this peaceful scene we discovered across the street from the pumpkin sign. We spent a few minutes sitting and watching the creek.
It is good to back in blogland. I look forward to catching up on my blog visits when time permits.
I want to thank my daughter for helping me to update my blog decor. I sure do appreciate her computer expertise.
I also want to tell you that we are eagerly looking forward to the birth of our next little granddaughter. She will be the first for our middle daughter and her husband.
Thank you for your visits, your comments, and your friendship. It means so much to me.


lindsey said...

Welcome back Judy and what great seasonal photo's! I like the header photo with the old muffin tin, what a good use you have put it to. I really like vintage kitchen ware and your grandaughter is precious!

Rach said...

Fun fun fun! I'm heading to the pumpkin patch this weekend!

Lovella ♥ said...

Hi Judy, I think your new blog template is just so wonderful. Fall is my favorite time of year and seeing it in full swing in your part of the world just gets me so in the mood to make some changes in my decor too.

LisaShaw said...

Aww Judy, congratulations on the precious little girl you are all awaiting! I pray safety and great health for her and her Mommy (your daughter).

Beautiful post! Love the photos and that baby girl is so precious! Oh my goodness I'd be laughing and having fun with her every day!

I'm so glad you had some time of rest with your family. You were missed.

Love you dear friend.

P.S. The blog design is beautiful, warm and inviting. Oh, isn't that just like you?! Yes indeed.

Melinda said...

Love going to pumpkin patches and farms--one of my favs for the Fall season.
Sounds like everyone had a great time!


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Super great always have the best posts...the header photo gave me a grea idea for my tables at Bunco this month....Can you email me that picture....

I think that would make a perfect centerpiece...


Judy said...

I'm glad you had a wonderful weekend away!

It looks like you found a treasure trove of fall decor down the long driveway. How fun for your granddaughter to enjoy it with you!

Your blog looks in keeping with the season!

corners of my life said...

The colors in your photos are amazing. You captured fall perfectly.

Happy@Home said...

How nice that you were able to enjoy a relaxing weekend with your family. And what a special adventure you and your granddaughter went on together. That looks like a charming farm stand with such cute decorative touches. I think that this will remain a special fall memory for both of you.
You and your daughter did a beautiful job on your blog. It looks so inspiring for the fall season. The photo in your header is sooo cute. Love it.
How exciting for you to be awaiting another granddaughter.

Kathleen said...

My first post somehow got swept away. So-o-o-o, if you get two from me, please post only one.

"Because He Lives" playing in the background made this an especially wonderful visit. It's a treasured fav of mine from long, long ago.

Too, I'm a Fall girl through-and-through, so I lingered long over the corn stalks and pumpkins; and the cutest "pumpkin" of all - the one tossing hay with abandon.

You've got a kean eye, Judy. You see things; and because you do, so do we. Love it! said...

Coming here is like reading a beautiful picture book with poems and music! This just gives me the push I needed to get going with fall decorating! I'm headed to the boxes in the garage for pumpkins, orange berries and the rest. This was just beautiful Judy, and your page is perfect... I wish I had to nerve to try a new background. Last time I lost it all when I did that, so I am getting extra cautious, but I sure love the way your page looks! :)

a woman who is said...

I love your new header. The candles in the muffin tin, brilliant!

I really enjoyed your fall preview too. We are just getting a little nippy here at night, but no sign of frost yet. I love a lingering Indian summer!

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Fun fun fun! Love your template, jealous of your pumpkin stand.

Happy Grandmothering!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures. I just love the fall. It sounds like you and your granddaughter had a wonderful time. Sigh.... What fun!!!


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