Monday, January 18, 2010

My Dressed-Up Refrigerator

Four ordinary wooden clothes pins were given a coat of green paint, and eight small magnets were glued onto each end...

...four coordinating paper strips were cut from scrapbook paper and glued to the front of the painted clothes pins, then Mod Podge was painted onto each strip of paper. Drying process took place.
When I arrived at my daughter and SIL's home on Saturday evening, she surprised me with this newly created gift.

Her gift provided me a solution for me to display some photos that I had been given, without giving my refrigerator door a cluttered look. Did I mention the clothes pins coordinated beautifully with my kitchen decor? I will change photos as time goes on.

As fast as these little guys are growing, this photo will be outdated real soon. Actually, this picture is already outdated. The weeks make a real difference at this age. Must admit, I have to smile though, everytime I pass my refrigerator now.
Would you like some clothes pin magnets for your refrigerator?
My daughter informed me they were simple to create.

A friend gave me this coffee magnet some time ago. I am not sure I totally agree with it, although I always enjoy a hot cup of coffee. This magnet will be replaced as soon as my oldest grandson's school picture comes hot off of the press. I am hoping I get a nice big 5x7 of him.
Thanks daughter for sharing your creativity with me. My guess is that it provides some kind of therapy for you in the midst of your busy life with little ones, although I find that somewhat difficult to understand.


lindsey said...

Well we all know where your daughter gets her creative skills from! These are a great idea...when we moved into our house the previous owner had glued pegs to the inside of the under sink cupboard to peg rubber gloves to but I have never seen the idea used in such a pretty and useful way. And those beautiful grandchildren.... you are blessed!

Tracy said...

Great idea! These would make great little Valentine gifts for friends. Thanks for sharing. With photos like that, I too would smile each time I walked past my refrigerator, too! = )


Debbie said...

What a cute idea. I don't even want to show you what the front of my fridge looks like with all photos that came in or as Christmas cards;)

Melinda said...

Daughter is very creative--I love my clothespins (bought at a craft sale.) Mine are in my sewing room waiting for a job.


Barb said...

Judy, this is as cute as a button!!!!

Barb ♥

Kathleen said...

Eeek! I haven't seen a clothes pin since I lived at home and had to hang laundry on the backyard line. I didn't know they were still on the market. I must say, though: I much prefer the creativity of THESE to the work of THOSE of yesteryear.


Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

How nice of your daughter...and the photos are to die for!

Stephanie said...

Ok, those are so cute and would make great gifts too! Thanks for the great idea!!

Janean said...

great minds think alike! i only have one clothes pin painted and covered, but never thought about magnets. great job!!!!

Happy@Home said...

What a cute idea and it really does dress up the fridge door. As cute as the clothespins are, the photos are even cuter. I can see your daughter is talented too. I wonder where she gets that from? :)

Judy said...

What a great idea! I was already thinking of a color scheme over here...and then rememebered that magnets don't stick to my stainless steel fridge. But it's a fun gift idea...that I will keep in mind.

Cute pic's!

LisaShaw said...

So adorable!! This is something my frig could really use. I have photos taped all over it (smile).


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