Sunday, January 3, 2010

The old canning jars purchased years ago from an farm auction, filled 1/4 full with sand, and completed with a white votive candle...lined beside the snow, along the brick sidewalk leading into the front door on Christmas Eve.

They burned beautifully throughout the evening, a total of five hours. A fun and inexpensive way to say "welcome" on a cold, snow covered evening.

"Welcome"...a" longed to hear" word in the English language. Come in, sit down, and stay awhile. In our fast paced lives, we need time to sit and visit with each other.

If you are experiencing a bitter cold evening like we are, I hope you are staying warm.

In this coming year, who do you want to extend a "welcome" too? Most likely you and those you extend it to, will both be blessed by it.


Anonymous said...

I love this idea and will try it next year. It looks so pretty. Stay warm. It is COLD here in Michigan.

Happy@Home said...

Like you, we are experiencing a very cold evening. Your photo of the tea lights in the Mason jars helped to warm me up, even if it was just briefly.
Your post tonight was very timely for me as I have been giving a lot of thought to doing a better job of entertaining people in my home. I'm afraid I come up with too many excuses and really hope to stop doing that in the new year.
Stay warm.

Barb said...

Oh, so beautiful, Judy!!!!

Happy New Year.

Barb ♥

Kathleen said...

Now I'll have to undertake a mission to find canning jars! It's a lovely way to accent a path, and it also served to remind me of the many summer days mother had me standing at the kitchen sink snipping green beans, shucking corn, peeling pears, peaches, tomatoes, etc. How we loved her canned goodies come winter.


Stephanie said...

That is so pretty and so cozy looking! Thanks for the great idea, now if we could just get some snow!


Shelley said...

Once again you have a lovely idea! I will have to borrow this next year.
Happy new year!!

Terri said...

I love the candles lining your walk...very inviting! Stay warm!

Melinda said...

A really neat idea--beats a paper bag.
My "welcome" is to new readers AND followers. Meeting new friends is great!

Stay warm.


Judy said...

I'm reading this just as our invited guests for the evening left for home. We had such a good time with folks who we had never had over previously...and I would agree that we were blessed by opening up our home. Your canning jars candles look great...and so welcoming!

Anonymous said...

Have done the candles in the jars and put Christmas ribbon around the top. It makes a lovely showing. The first time I saw that was at My Old Kentucky Home Christmas decorated for Christmas. Have a good week Judy.

lindsey said...

The lanterns look lovely...yes it is very cold here in the UK too I think they forecast more snow in the next coupl of day. Me? I'm ready for the spring to arrive!

Tracy said...

What a beautiful idea, Judy! Our temps have been bitterly cold, too...single digits last night. Hope you're keeping warm, too! I'll have to try this when we have friends over this winter. Thanks!


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