Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Veggie Tale

I've mentioned different times on this blog that I do not have a "sweet tooth". This has served me well considering all of the many outstanding desserts that my daughter brought home from her pastry chef classes during this past year. A "sweet tooth", but a craving for potato chips...yes! Potato chips and french fries have been and will be my greatest food temptation. BUT, I have learned some important facts regarding my craving that I want to share with you today. You see, I have a wonderful younger brother and a same age as me brother-in-law that are both potato brokers. Their company is a link between the potato growers and the snack food companies. "Potato chips" are their business. According to them, a meal is never complete without a bowl of potato chips. Because of their expertise in this all important aspect of life, I have learned a few valuable facts about this "weakness" of mine.
A one ounce serving of potato chips contains at least 15 essential nutrients. That includes 10 % ot the U.S.RDA of Vitamin C and 8% of the U.S.RDA of Vitamin B6.
A one-ounce bag of chips also contains 1.3 grams of dietary fiber. That's about as much as you'll find in 1/2 cup of celery or cabbage. Which helps explain why chip as listed under the "vegtable" heading in USDA Handbook #8. Of course, potato chips aren't a basic source of nutrients, but they do have more nutrients than most people realize. And fewer calories. Only 150 in a one ounce bag.
As for cholesterol, most potato chips don't have any. That's because most chips are cooked only in vegtable oils. And contrary to popular belief, most chips contain no preservatives.

Here is one fast and fabulous dip to serve with the bowl of chips at your next event; A packet of dried onion soup and an 8 ounce container of sour cream. Whip together, pour into a serving bowl, and top with crushed french fried onions.

Dip ready to set on the table. A chip couldn't ask for anything better than this!

This is a chicken recipe that my family enjoys. It is quick, easy and so delicious! If desired, it can be served with a honey mustard sauce.

No, I do not sit in a corner of my porch and each chips all day, in fact I am disciplined in my consumption of this tantalizing treat, but I do not hesitate to enjoy every single bite of each potato chip, when I am at any event that serves them. This July 4th why not buy some bags of potato chips, whip up some delicious dip and serve them at your picnics and cookouts. Maybe you can even share some of this valuable info you learned about the chips, from a blogger in blogland. ps. Fifteen to twenty chips contain as much potasssium as 1/2 of a banana.


southerninspiration said...

I'm sure my husband would be willing to be your BFF!!! :)
He loves chips, too!

Melanie said...

Yeah...I love a chip, too. I gave up sugar much easier than the chips. I have gone back to the moderation.
I'll have to give that chip chicken recipe a try!

lindsey said...

This is good news indeed, although I am pretty fussy about the type of crisps (chips)I like to eat. I prefer really chunky ones, especially sea salt and black pepper

Barb said...

Judy, what a yummy post!

I love, love, love potato chips and have to force myself to stay out of the bag. This is so interesting.


Anonymous said...

I love potato chips with sour cream. Now you have given me some very good reasons why I shouldn't feel quity eating them. Thank you. I hope you are having a lovely day :>)

Kim said...

I love it when you post recipes. They are always easy to make and the incredients are things I usually have on hand. Keep 'em coming.


Blessings each day said...

Now I'm hungry for chips...did you have to make them look so extra tantalizing???
I will try to concentrate on how good they are for me as I waddle across the floor.

Seriously, thank you for the good info and I can eat less guiltily now!



Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

You crack me up...I'm on your team...I'm not a sweet's person...but pass Momma a bag of chips...and know how the story ends. (especially if I have a tub of french onion dip)

Thank you for sharing the info about the chips...what great news!!! :-)

Thanks for making me smile today....I needed it. :-)

Judy said...

I love posts like this...that sing the virtues of one of those foods I enjoy that often get such a bad rap. Most interesting info...and yummy dip recipe. Thanks!

Kathleen Grace said...

Yum! I am afraid I have a sweet tooth AND love potato chips *sigh*. I try to avoid buying the chips.

Tracy said...

What a wonderful post! Though I'm more of a "sweets" person, imagine my delight to learn all these wonderful facts about (long avoided) potato chips! I was especially eager to read I can meet my need for potassium by eating 15-20 chips occassionally rather than 1/2 banana!(I love bananas, but really!) Your photos make them look especially fact, I think I might have to add them to the grocery list for the weekend! The recipe for dip sounds very tasty, too! = )

Connie said...

I'd come over and eat chips all day on the porch with you.

I love chips and sweets too!

Thank you for the great information...we seem to want to leave out everything we think is not "healthy" anymore and yet everything in moderation can still be eaten if it's within our acceptable calorie consumption. What a mouthful that was!

Our motorhome sleeps 6 but we've put a couple on the floor too! We had it to capacity this week and it was fun!

Have a good weekend! Connie


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