Saturday, June 6, 2009

PawPaw's Dreaming AGAIN !

"PawPaw told me to go check out the 'lower forty' problem."

"Hey, wait a that I think about it, he doesn't even have a 'lower forty' "!!!!

"I'm going back................we gotta talk!!!!!!!!!"


Lauren said...

ha ha HOW CUTE. Good work as a team Uncle John AND Aunt Judy. Love you both!

Stacey said...

So precious! I love that Texas cowboy hat. My boys always wanted to be cowboys. There's nothing cuter!

Happy@Home said...

The pictures are adorable as are your accompanying comments.

Blessings each day said...

Soooo cute...hard not to hug the living daylights out of that little cowboy!



Melanie said...

So sweet!!!

Marty said...

Judy, I burst into tears at your kind comment about being an encouragement - some days I don't feel very But then I read your post today and laughed right out loud. Those 3 pictures AND commentary would be great in a 3-picture frame. THANKS so much for the balm to my soul - I think I can get back to my kitchen agenda for the day now. =) You're a dear! Blessings.

Judy said...

Too cute! It will be so fun to look back on these pictures in two decades...and see what beacme of the little cowboy and his dreams.

Kathleen said...

Crack me up! Is there anything more precious than an innocent youth discovering nature?

Be sure to tell us what Paw Paw had to say for himself!


Anonymous said...

A precious photo story. I love the littles out just doing their thing. They have the world by the tail.

Anonymous said...

LOL.... This is so cute! I just love that little cowboy outfit ♥

LisaShaw said...

He is so adorable!


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