Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Grandmothering joys in the midst of a busy life

The weekend has been a busy one, ever since Matthew and Ashley have arrived from Dallas. It is sooooo good to be together as a family again. Lots of activities, meals to prepare, conversations and laughter,and in the midst of it all,is my over whelmingly special privilege of having many small "grandma moments" to store in my mind and treasure in my heart. Rick graduated from Middle School on Friday. We celebrated, by me making his favorite "strawberry shortcake", which we all ate together at lunch that day. Congratulations Rick!! I am proud of you and so thankful for the kind, caring guy that you are to me.
And, then there is the little, growing, curious and genuinely Sangrine boy, Christopher. He is so curious, wanting to know how everything works, and always wondering if food is involved in anyway. The tin that he found in this photo had candy in, and he desperately needed help to get the tin open and retreive the candy contents from inside. Once again, I was there to help. Oh, the disappointment when he realized that the corn candy was too old and too hard to eat.
Friday afternoon, everyone went swimming at their cousin's pool. I stayed home with Annie, so that she could get her nap. Oh, the joy of that precious time we had together. She went right to sleep for me. Both of us had the privilege of a nice, cool afternoon nap. When everyone came back from the pool, this photo was taken without my knowledge of it happening. It is one I will treasure for a long time, because I know how quickly these "grandma moments" will disappear. Thank you God, for every single one of them. Judy

This is one of the rare times that all of the grandchildren sat down together, for a group photo. With four grown-ups in the background creating a true circus show, the picture actually turned out to be a presentable one. Oh, how I look forward to meeting my next "little blessing from Heaven" in September.


Luzie said...

Awww...who's a better grammy than YOU?? :) I can't beleive that you are in this stage of life already!! And now Beejus will be there too! ME? I am just trying to survive teenagedom!! :) But how wonderful to know that the Lord supplies grace for all stages of our lives...and humor...can't forget humor! Thanks for the pics!!

The lady of the house... said...

that is such a precious picture of you and sweet Annie, those snuggling moments are so fleeting it seems.
Rick looks so grown up in that picture, I'm sure all those little middle school girls are just ga-ga over him!
Hope you're staying cool and refreshed....looking forward to next Saturday.
P.s. the pink/white sweater you are wearing is one of my favorites, it hangs in my own closet as well!!!!!

Jeane` said...

Dear Betty Blogger,
I am quite amazed at how far you have come in this world of blogging. What you did not include, however, was a deep enough portrait of what a loving, caring 'mawma' you really are to each and every last one of your grandchildren, including the 'one within'!
Love you,
Your daughter


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