Friday, August 14, 2015

Where is she?  Why has she not posted lately?  Could it be that her "little something", was too
little?  She was not sure if she should share her "Lincoln Logs" post, or her "punch balloon"
post.  She felt she had already over shared her "amazing sunset posts" and her "country scene"
posts, hence, she did not post:) 

"Lincoln Logs"...they have been in my life for as long as I can remember.  I clearly remember
years ago, watching my younger brothers sitting on the family room floor, building with their
Lincoln Log sets.  Now, fast forward, I find myself watching my own grandchildren, time and
time again, pulling the big, colorful box out of the cupboard, and building their own creations.

The bushes in the front of her building, were compliments of the boxwood outside our door.

And then, I watched her add the plastic fireplace and television...a 2015 edition of a log house.

It was the first time for this little guy to tackle a project, and he took it

Yesterday, I found our oldest granddaughter working on a log project in the living room, and
later in the day, I found her brother building his version of a car barn.  I would like to thank
the Lincoln Log Company for providing hours of entertainment for children, over the years.

Another favorite in our grandchildren's lives, are the punch balloons.  I buys bags of them, four
bright colored punch balloons in one pack, at the dollar store.  The elastic band is already
secured on them, leaving only the blowing up part to be completed:)  That is where I come in,
unless my husband is home, and then he uses the air compressor in the garage. 
These big, colorful, sturdy balloons provide hours of fun for our grandchildren, no matter their

There is competition among them, in the continuous way they bounce them.  Actually,
I like to join them in this.  Now, some of them are into decorating their balloons too,
with permanent markers.

Last Fall, I even attempted to do a picture using the balloons.  What a fun, colorful picture
it turned out to be!

Simple things happen in our home, and often times it involves balloons.

So there you have summer happenings, along with some of the most gorgeous
sunsets ever, and some of the most beautiful summer skies, overflowing with
white, fluffy clouds.
Happy Friday!  I feel like it just was Friday.  How about you? 
Is this summer flying by for you too?
Do you like punch balloons:)?


Debbie said...

Cute post! My kids had hours of fun with Lincoln logs too! I wonder what I did with their set? I KNOW my grandkids would love them too. They had those bouncing balloons too. Didn't know they still sell them....I will have to look, they would love them too. Beautiful pictures as always! Hope your week-end is a good one!

Christine said...

I knew when I stopped by to "visit" you, you'd have another great idea!
Those balloons are perfect. I'm going out today to find some.

Happy@Home said...

I will admit that I noticed your absence from regular blogging. I thought maybe you were off on a wonderful vacation. I had to smile about your little something being too little. I am one of those people who prefers to read about the simple day to day things that are shared in the blog world. I feel you could talk about almost anything and I would still value my time here. For instance, I haven't thought about those punch balloons in years. After reading this post I could almost hear that sound they made as they were being punched. I now know I will soon find myself in a dollar store purchasing a few to have on hand for my grandson's next visit. It will give me pleasure to see him enjoy the whole experience for the very first time. I thank you for that reminder today, Judy.

Judy said...

Fun 'little things'! I had totally forgotten about punch balloons...haven't seen them in years. I must check out the dollar stores and see if they are still available here. I know some other grands that would have a lot of fun with them!

Liz said...

I can't wait until my grandson is big enough to play with Lincoln Logs! My kids had hours of fun with them growing up.

Anneliese said...

So neat when you discover those older toys are still just as good as they were!
Love that photo with all of them with their punch balloons.

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Sweet kiddos enjoying timeless toys and being most creative too! Oh, and the balloons are so much fun too! You inspired me to head to the dollar store for some exciting summertime fun!

Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

Oh, yes, Lincoln Logs and Legos, timeless toys. My Grans prefer Legos over Lincoln Logs but my 2 brothers played their hearts out with LL. And, punch balloons, the BEST! Happy new week!

lindsey said...

Ive just been catching up on your posts as Ive been on holiday, your grandchildren are a beautiful as ever, i love to see your photos and how they are growing :) Those Lincoln Logs look great, Ive never seen them in the UK but I know some little children who would love to play with them!

debi said...

Great photos Judy. I have many fond memories of building log cabins with my Dad when I was little, they are such fun. Forgotten all about the punch balls, my Khloe would love those!!!!!



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