Thursday, August 20, 2015

Our youngest daughter sent us these photos.  The one on the left, is my husband as a little guy.
The one on the right is her little guy, our grandson.  Amazing the similarities.

"Parents often speak of seeing a grandparent's personality reflected in a child's mannerisms
or facial expressions.  There is something to that;  How a child smiles affects their looks
and who they might resemble.  ~Chris Plummer ~

Speaking of grandchildren looking like their is this for a great
example!  My youngest sister and her granddaughter.

Have you seen this in your family?

Thanks for stopping by this evening!


Judy said...

They could be twins...your husband and your grandson! Sweet baby boys...both of them. I think it is often easier for others to see the similarities than for immediate family.

Anneliese said...

Yes... I wish I could show you right now! =)

corners of my life said...

Your youngest sister and her granddaughter are a perfect pair. Thanks for sharing.


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