Thursday, January 15, 2015

Here is a bit of unimportant news...Today is "National Strawberry Ice Cream Day".
Yes, someone, somewhere set this day aside for this specific reason.  So, guess what?
One of the two little guys who stayed here today, was thrilled!  At 3:00 in the afternoon,
we celebrated:)  One with his very favorite flavor of strawberry, and one with his
favorite of chocolate. 

I served the ice cream in my old ice cream dishes. It is a rare snack at our home.

It was good to the last drop. 
Did you get to celebrate "National Strawberry Ice Cream Day"?
It is not too late.  You have 5 1/2 more hours:)

Last evening, these two granddaughters asked if they could help make dinner?
I love that question!  I directed them in making cheese bread hearts.  They rolled out
the crescent dough onto a sprayed foil pan, cut the hearts with a cookie cutter.
They lightly spread softened butter on the hearts, then added shredded sharp cheese,
and a bit of seasoned salt. 

They took the job seriously, even going as far as watching them bake in the oven.
Everyone thought they were delicious!  In our home, we do hearts of all kinds, from
now until February 14th.

The pink tulips on my kitchen table were a gift that make me smile, every time I see them.

Winter is a fun time to give tulips.  They offer hope of what is to come, in a few months.

This was the best gift I was given today!  I captured the scene in our back yard.
Beauty beyond description!
What was the best gift that you were given today?


Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

Didn't know today was a special ice cream day. Looks like your two little guys certainly enjoyed it.

And, the hearts! Love those and would love to have seen them after they were baked. What a cleaver idea!

Happy weekend!

Happy@Home said...

You sure do have a knack for creating special memories with your grandchildren, Judy. That picture of the boys eating their ice cream is so cute and the story about the girls watching their cheese bread hearts bake is so sweet.
I seem to be seeing a lot of tulips popping up on the various blogs I have visited. I think you hit the nail on the head with saying they offer hope for what is soon to come.
Your picture of the sunset is gorgeous!!
In thinking over the best gift I received today it would have to be when I asked my grandson for a kiss and he bent over and kissed me right on the lips. First kiss from a grandson... a very special gift indeed.

lindsey said...

I love how you bake with your grandchildren, its something I like to do but with living so far away from them I rarely get to do it. I have never heard of a special strawberry day, I think in the UK it should be in the summer when the best tasting strawberries are on offer! That is a beautiful sun set, we have had a few amazing skies over here recently too :)

Just a little something from Judy said...

Lindsey, It is a "strawberry ice cream day". I read about it on a food blog, but have no idea how it originated. I will find out for you.

I would love to see one of your sunsets too!

corners of my life said...

You always have the best little kitchen helpers.

Debbie said...

Oh my grandson Jeffie would have been over the moon on the strawberry ice cream day as strawberry anything is his definite favorite! lol You are such a fun grandma. Love the idea of the heart bread. You can see the girls loved that. What gave me joy yesterday? Lunch and time spent with my sister! Enjoy your week-end!

Oh and a GORGEOUS sunset for sure!

Stacey said...

Oh that sky is beautiful!

Your grandkids are so lucky to have you. You teach all of us to be ever conscious about making memories.

Thank you for your sweet messages this week. :)


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