Saturday, January 10, 2015

A Saturday morning miscellaneous post.
A few of my recent winter favorites.
Tiny orange "Halos".  Our favorite dessert/snack!  So small, so flavorful, and so sweet!
This is what I found lining the wooden table by my husband's recliner, late last evening:)
He says that he is eating them for his health.

His special Saturday morning breakfast...French toast made with the "Archer Farms
Raisin Cinnamon" breakfast bread from Target.   Yes, it does have a bit of melted butter,
but remember, he had the "Halos" the night before, so it all balances out...or so he says:}

The wreath was a gift to me from my daughters, this Christmas.
My middle daughter created it for me, and I think it looks so nice
hanging on the big wooden mirror at my back door. 
It was a new project for her to tackle and I like the textures and the
touches of glitter she added to it.  What a special gift it is to me!

The slice of black walnut wood that my brother cut from a tree recently.
It looks so good on my kitchen island.  "Anthropologie Stores" have
wood pieces like this for sale, but mine was a gift.

The new sunflower drink cover that I was given.  It does a great job of keeping my morning
coffee hot.  Since "hot" is how I like my coffee, this new gadget works for me.

Recently, I sat at my sister's table, for a Christmas dinner, and she had
created these beautiful favors.  She took an empty jar, painted the lid gold,
drilled a hole in the top, and installed a crystal knob from "Hobby Lobby".
  She had a gold and white name tag tied onto the front of it, and had
it filled with a sheet of white tissue with gold designs on it, and a few
pieces of chocolate candy. 

Now, it adds a touch of pretty to the vignette in my bathroom, and
is filled with cotton balls.

When I just do not have time to wash my hair, this new product
sure does the trick.  I read about it and it's rave reviews, so I tried it.
Now, I am recommending it to you.  An inexpensive and effective
alternative to hair washing when time is of the essence.

This sleek new EOS container of raspberry hand cream that I now
carry in my purse.   My hands seem to get so dry over the winter.
I like how it does not take up much space in my purse, and I
really like how it makes my hands feel.
As for the Nivea lip product, I like that too.
At the drug store where I purchased it, they had light pink and
sheer coral. 

The color is sheer, and the moisturizing is soothing.
In my book, it is a fun new product!
I like the "Night Owl" coffee sign that I was given this Christmas.  I added it
to my kitchen coffee table area. 

Yes, I do have a small area of my kitchen, dedicated to "coffee", my favorite drink.

I close with my thoughts regarding the world situations of this past week.  What in the
world is one to think, when with every news story, it all seems scarier and more
chilling?  Well, today, this story seems to express my heart thoughts perfectly;

"Years ago the captain of an ocean liner took his young daughter along on his run from
Liverpool, England, to New York City.  One night when all the passengers were asleep,
the huge vessel ran into some violent weather.  The wind came sweeping over the water,
and mighty swells rolled across the bow of the ship.  All moveable objects were being
tossed about, and everyone soon sensed the imminent danger.  Many sprang from
their berths in alarm and began to dress.  The captain's little girl, eight years old,  was
awakened and cried out, "What's the matter?"  When told about the storm, she asked,
"Is my father steering the ship?"  Being assured that he was, she put her head on her
pillow, and in spite of the howling gale and crushing waves she was soon fast asleep."

Corrie Ten Boom says it best, when she says, "Never be afraid to trust an unknown
future to a known God."

Thank you for stopping by, and sharing in my "little something."


Debbie said...

Oh I loved this and don't know where to start...first, that french toast looks sooo yummy I can hardly stand it, lol. Then, I love your new wreath, a perfect gift. And that sunflower topper would be so perfect to keep my cup of tea warm in the morning. I lay a coaster over mine. Love the little jar for your cotton balls too. I will definitely be looking for that dry shampoo product. Soo many times that would be nice. But I think your story about the daughter of the ocean line captain was the best of all. What a perfect analogy. To just rest in the knowledge that God has got this ALL in His perfect control. Hope you are enjoying your week-end!

Happy@Home said...

Wow, what a blessing this post is in so many ways. The story about the little girl on the ship is so powerful and sweet. Perfectly timed for these troubling times. I have been vacillating between being informed and wanting to bury my head in the sand as the situations around the world are so troubling. This story was a good reminder as to who is really in charge here.
I had to laugh at your husband's nutritional thoughts. I think he might be on to something there. We are big fans of the "Halos" here too.
The wreath from your daughters is beautiful. I love the combination of the burlap and the little bit of bling.
Also love your sister's pretty jars. I am again reminded of the multitude of talent in your family.
I've been hearing a lot of good things about dry shampoos. Glad to know that you, too, find it a good product. I will have to keep some on hand for those busy days.

Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

Pretty wreath, love the dressed up jar (so cute), and the little drink toppers are the best thing going. I have one in my purse and when I order coffee at a restaurant, I immediately cover it with my little lid. I drink out of insulated mugs with tops at home so I don't need them here at home. Love the quote by Corrie Ten Boom. She's the best!!! Happy weekend!

Kathleen said...

Oh my, what a splendid "miscellaneous" collection! So many of your crafty lovelies would fit perfectly in my own home. I especially like the way you stage walls & surfaces. That wreath is calling to me. I think might actually be able to make such a thing.

But mostly I love the devotional thought you shared. Perfect for times such a these!

Blessings & hugs,

lindsey said...

This is a great post as always Judy. You had some lovely gifts, your family all appear to share the same creative talents! I also love the story of the little girls on the ship, when we allow our heavenly Father to steer our 'ship' nothing can go wrong :)

Judy said...

I love your parade of 'a few of your favorite things'! French toast and fresh oranges are among my favorite eats at this time of year as well. Five or six halos for an evening snack...why not?

The words of Corrie Ten Boom are so fitting for the beginning of the new year. Though I tend to be fearful of tomorrow...I know that I can trust the future to God!

Jaybird said...

What a lovely post!!! Your family is very creative and love you a lot!!
Thank you for the comments at the end as well, and yes Corrie Ten Boom did say it best. We have the best protector...all we have to do is "call upon His name".

Anneliese said...

I have to vouch for that dry shampoo!
It's great for a quick freshen up in the morning for someone like me whose fine strands in the neck area get the damp look overnight. I had a small bottle of another brand along on our cruise and it was the perfect thing for when You did not want to shower up till after the touring, just before dinner.
Okay.. I really like that wreath and jar with the crystal knob attached!
Corrie Ten Boom was a brave and wise woman with many quotes we would do well to remember. Thank you.


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