Monday, January 26, 2015


A dear couple we know, were downsizing.  They learned, via the grapevine, that I have a
thing for old canning jars.  They asked me if I would like them?  The jars were her mother's
and held special memories for her.  I was thrilled!  I too, have treasured memories of my
early childhood years, spending hours of time at my grandma's home, while my mother
and my grandmother canned food from the garden, in the old farmhouse cold cellar.

My Uncle and I spent time playing in the yard back then, while my grandma and mother
filled the canning jars with fruits and vegetables.  1956 was a long time ago, making
some of these jars, antiques:)

Yesterday, I was excited when I pulled each clean jar out of the box, discovering different
colors, brands, designs and sizes. 

I lined some of them down the center of my kitchen table, added tea light candles, and
now have a soft glowing, winter centerpiece.

It was the time of the year when I clean out my glass cupboard in the kitchen. I decided
to use the remaining jars, along with some I already had, to decorate the shelves.
I had two old coffee jars, milk jars, salt shakers, and glass vases.  I cleaned them all,
and placed them on the lit shelves.

I added a few touches of red and some tiny lights.

The counter top underneath the cabinet, holds a vignette of some special treasures
of mine.

I filled the remaining canning jar with Zachery Cherry JuJu Hearts.  I like their shape and
color, and I especially like how they look in the old jar.  The vintage Valentine card was
from my daughter last year.

After all, with the snow we are getting, and the cancellations that are taking place,
cleaning and organizing is on my agenda.
This little guy is not the least bit concerned with the snow we are receiving.
Hope you all stay warm and dry, although we are not getting the huge
blizzard that those north of us are.
Thank you for stopping by.


debi said...

Those jars are amazing, what a wonderful gift you've been given!
The look lovely all lit up and on the glass shelves. I love so much that they are "old"....


Christine said...

You have an eye for adding special touches to your home. Your table and shelves tell all!

Debbie said...

Oh I love the way the jars look on the shelves, and the ones with the little candles too. Soo pretty. What a nice gift! Hope your weeks a good one!

Happy@Home said...

Before I say anything else, I must tell you how sweet that photo of you and your uncle is and the memories attached are even sweeter.
What a wonderful gift you have received with the canning jar collection. You have truly given them a place of honor in your kitchen. The addition of the candles and lights makes for such a warm and cozy look. Considering the weather you are expecting, this is just perfect.
Stay warm and safe, Judy.

lindsey said...

What an amazing gift! I love jars too although we dont have such great jars here in the UK, they have just become more fashionable in recent years. Yours look lovely on display and I love the sweet photo :)

corners of my life said...

Such a fabulous collection.


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