Monday, December 1, 2014

I never thought I would fall prey to a smooth talking scammer.  In fact, I clearly remember
watching the evening news, and hearing warnings in regards to all the scams that are happening, and wondering to myself, "who would fall for those?"
Last week, I received the call from a professionally sounding man, claiming to be from the Microsoft Company and claiming that they are calling to inform me that my computer is so infected with viruses, that unless I do something soon, it would crash.  He said, "they rarely call, unless
a computer is near to the crashing point.  He gave his name, company, security number,
and phone number.  He said, "there was no pressure, but that he would highly
recommend installing Microsoft's Security System, and all that it offered.  The cost...
$149.00 a year.  I told him that I would not make any decisions without first checking
with my son-in-law. 

Fortunately, I did not give him any personal information whatsoever.  But, when my
son-in-law stopped over, he went to turn on my computer and realized immediately
that the caller had given my computer a virus, and we could not even turn it on.  The
screen was black.  It was done.  One phone call.  One gullible person answering the
call, and that was it.  This is just a warning to each one of you. 

I have gone many days without a computer.  Don't worry though, my hours filled
up with many other things.  Thanks to his amazing skills, expertise, and untold
hours, my son-in-law successfully got rid of the virus, saved all my information,
and added more security devices to the computer.  Today, I received it back from
him, and it was almost like welcoming back an old friend:)  I am so grateful to him!

I learned some more good lessons through this event.  I learned that I don't need to
visit my computer everyday.  I don't need to do blog posts.  I don't need to download
pictures as soon as I take them, and I can still open recipe books and look up
recipes.  It did surprise me though, how often I found myself walking into
check on something at my computer.  Me, the one who really was not interested
in learning to use the computer, just a few years ago.
While I was on my unexpected break, it did snow here, and what a lovely winter
scene it offered.  I could not help grabbing my camera to capture
some of it.

And, I made a few pretty little jelly jar lanterns, while I was gone.  In the last few weeks, I
got the idea from Yvonne, at Stonegable blog.   
You can see her creations here...  She offers easy instructions,
in case you want to make some for your home.

I took some clean jelly jars, painted them with mod podge and rolled them in Epsom
Salt.  So simple and yet so pretty, especially when a votive is burning inside of them.
Some ribbons and greens add a nice touch.  They add a festive touch to my kitchen
table.  Thank you Yvonne!

Here are a few extra lanterns, waiting to be decorated and perhaps given as small gifts.

Hopefully, I am a bit wiser and believe me, I am sure I will more skeptical of calls that
I may receive.

Thanks so much for stopping by once again, after such a long absence.


Stacey said...

Oh no Judy! I can't remember who it was now but another blogger had the same thing happen awhile back. I'm so glad your son in law was able to resurrect your computer.

Your little jars are adorable!

Debbie said...

Oh goodness...soo glad your SIL was there to save your computer. So frustrating sometimes. And yes, sometimes I wonder what it would be like not to turn this computer on. I imagine we would all survive just fine. Enjoy your day!!

Happy@Home said...

I am so sorry to hear this, Judy. I have heard about this happening to other people. Unfortunately, I think those scammers are really good at what they do. I am glad your son-in-law was able to fix your computer and I also appreciate you sharing your story with us.
On a more pleasant note, your snowy scene is just gorgeous. Looks like it could be a Christmas card. The frosted jar candles fit right in with the snowy theme. They are so pretty and look like they would be quite easy to make.

Lovella ♥ said...

Oh Judy, I am so sorry you were caught in that scam. What a frustration. Yay.. for son's and son in law's who know how to fix our computers.
Your little jars are so lovely! So glad you are back on line.

Shelley said...

Hi Judy! So nice to stop by your blog and see what you were up to. Sorry to hear about the computer scammer! I love your Christmas jar projects, so pretty.


Kim said...

Shame on people...taking advantage of others, especially during the holidays. Believe me, I am not naive, but it still angers me to hear such stories. I am glad that you were able to find some solace in your "offline" days and that your son in law was able to get you up and running again!! :) Happy December and thanks for the warning!

Judy said...

So pretty...your Epsom slat lanterns!

I got a similar call some time back. I called my son-in-law who told me it was a hoax. Thankfully my computer had not been compromised. So glad your computer is up and running again...and all is as it should be!

Liz said...

That is just crazy!! You here about that happening more and more. Glad you realized that life goes on with out the computer. Something I have a problem doing all to often. Thanks for sharing such pretty pictures! And I love that idea with the jelly jars! I think I have everything at home to create some.
Stay warm!


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