Friday, December 19, 2014

A few of my simple blessings on this Friday, before Christmas.

Two empty glass Starbuck's bottles, two small "Little Debbie" donuts, and two red/white
straws, made for two happy guys at snack time.

They did "cheers" with the bottles before partaking.

I received this magazine in the mail this week.  I won it in a drawing
by Suzanne Walcher.  She's is a blogger I met in the blogging world a
few years ago.  She received the honor of being featured in the "Artful
Blogger" magazine this month. 

As she quotes, she blogs about "the beautiful, the ordinary, and everything in between". 
I think she has a gifted way of sharing her heart thoughts, in such a special, transparent,
and loving way.  I always enjoy reading her posts, and think she truly deserves to be
in the "Artful Blogger".  Her photography skills are over-the-top!

This uniquely made wooden heart was included in the package she sent me.  What an
unexpected surprise.  You can find her blog here...

I like the tiny pack of pretty star ornaments that I found in the dollar bin at Target.  It helped
to dress up my tiny loaves of banana bread, that I made and gave, this Christmas.  The
package included the silver ties too.

Little gift boxes from the Michael's Store dollar bins.  The pack included
five of these takeout boxes.  Perfect for giving lip balm, or any tiny
gifts.  Would work for a muffin too.  Bows and tags complete the
Christmas favors.
Bottom line though, it does not matter how many stars or bows you add this Christmas. 
What does matter, is that you take the time to give to others, in one way or another. 
Giving always blesses others. Thanks to Suzanne's gift, I will never forget her kindness,
when I think about her.

Who would you like to give a bottle of milk and a donut to, today:)?


Privet and Holly said...

I'd love to gobble
up that donut and
milk myself, today : )
Looks yummy, and
those little faces
say it all!

Thank you for the
kindest words from
the kindest heart,
Judy! Wishing you
a very Merry Christmas
and a 2015 that will
be loaded with joys,
big and small!

xo Suzanne

Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

OKay,will have to remember the milk and donuts next week while both my Grans are here. Too cute!

Then can't wait to go check out a new blog. I'm always up for finding a new blogging buddy.

And, it's always a joy to stop by your blog. You always bring a smile!

Merriest of Christmases!!!

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Those baby banana breads are so delicious looking and festive too!

Getting ready to head to Christmas Eve service but just had to stop in and wish you and your dear family a very Merry Christmas!


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