Sunday, August 10, 2014


Their delicate beauty, and pure colors, continue to dress up my décor in one way or

Yesterday, as I sat on my screened-in porch drinking my early morning cup of coffee, this small, simple bouquet of the daisies and pink knock out roses reminded me, once again, of summer's exquisite gifts to me.  But, also, I felt the upcoming season in the morning air.  I know that
Fall is right around the corner.

It made me want to soak in all the remaining bits of summer beauty, before it is gone.

Each complex, delicate layer of the tiny pink rosebuds, included in the bouquet,
added to the wonder of it all.


In fact, I went out and picked a few more flowers, placed them in my old
ink well, and sat them by my computer.  This morning, the tightly
closed rosebud has opened, and now looks even prettier!  I do not have big
gardens, but what I do have, I like to bring inside, so that I can enjoy them inside
and outside.  These days, it offers much more contentment and joy, than does the
television news (seen in the background).

A Bigger Picture

"There is something satisfying, rejuvenating, comforting about the seasons.  They

remind me that I play one small part in a much bigger picture--that there is a pulse,

a sequence, a journey set into motion by the very hand of God Himself."

~Karen Scalf Linamen

Coming up, faster than we think, will be the next season of it's own unique colors and designs.

And, once again, I will be bringing it's loveliness inside my home, and
using it to dress up my décor.
I am so thankful that God has given us seasons of nature and also,
seasons of life.
Thank you for stopping by today.


Kim said...

Love your gorgeous bouquet, the spoils of summer!! I am so not ready for fall!!

Love Being A Nonny said...

Great pictures! I have missed reading blogs so I am spending the day doing just that!

lindsey said...

I never cease to be amazed at Gods creation, thank you for sharing your beautiful flowers with us

Happy@Home said...

Your morning coffee in the polka dot mug with the pretty bouquet on the table looks like a pretty and peaceful way to begin the day, Judy.
I like the quote you chose today and agree that there is something very comforting about the seasons changing year after year.
I, too, have started to notice subtle signs of fall in the air. Your idea for bringing in seasonal bouquets is a lovely way to enjoy and appreciate each individual season.

debi said...

Beautiful flowers, lovely photos, God is good!


Judy said...

I'm so enjoying this season...and find it hard to imagine the next one is waiting in the wings! It's all looking so pretty over there...lovely blooms (inside or outside).


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