Tuesday, August 12, 2014

I ask you, did you ever see a wooden picnic table and two plastic tables look so good?

The evening was picture perfect!  The quiet, country setting immediately caused one to
feel relaxed.  The hostess of the evening, is a former southern bell.  Her and her husband
offer gracious and artistic hospitality...always.  Whenever, one receives an invitation to
their home, they know they are in for a treat.  On Sunday evening, our hostess shopped
her home and gardens, for all the props of the table scape.  Some people are artists using
paint, or chalk, or ink...this lady is an artist using dishes, lighting, and flowers.  We all
are inspired by her endless skills.

It makes one feel loved by her unending efforts at creating beauty and ambience for the
guests, no matter who they might be.  Hospitality and kindness would be a proper description
of this couple.

Double sconces from the wall of a bedroom, were put together to create the above
crystal piece, hanging from the tree above.

Green grapes and crystal dishes...what an unique and clever idea!

As you can imagine, when darkness set in, the lighting set a magical atmosphere. 

And, an extra special part of the evening, and a perfect way to end our time together, was
God's gift of a "super moon" above.  Breathtaking beauty in so many ways, on a late summer
evening, in the country.

I want to thank my sister for sharing her photography skills with me, so that I in turn could
share it with you.  I do hope it adds a bit of inspiration to your day, as it did to mine.

Whatever method of hospitality, whether it is in the form of sharing a sandwich on a park
bench, a cold drink at the end of a marathon, the gift of a muffin on your office desk, or
an elegant, outdoor dinner, that you may offer to others, is always considered a true act of
kindness and thoughtfulness.  Hospitality from the heart, always blesses me, and makes me
feel that others care.  In today's world, more than ever, we need to reach out to others, and
at times, be reached out to, by others.

Is there anyone you want to bless today? 


Debbie said...

LOVE this!!! Soo pretty and perfect! And your right...a true artist at work. Enjoy your day!

debi said...

Love that, so beautiful...
I hope to bless someone daily...you are always blessing me with your posts! Grateful for you :-)


Stacey said...

Oh my goodness, that's pretty spectacular. Now let me tell you...none of my friends have parties like that!! :)

Judy said...

So beautiful! What great ideas...like putting pears on the hanging chandelier. And isn't that just like God...to send that super moon for your enjoyment. We sat outside on our patio under that very same moon On Sunday night.

You are so right...it is such a blessing to be on the receiving end of hospitality. And I always count it a privilege to open my home to others.

Christine said...

WOW, is all I can say!
You have some very creative friends and family. It's almost like a dream.

Just a little something from Judy said...

Without God gifting us with some of the best summer weather we have had in years, this table setting would not have been near as beautiful. It does amaze me though, the work this lady went to for her friends. Thank you for your kind comments.

Anneliese said...

That table and lighting looks absolutely gorgeous! I had to enlarge the photo and take a better look! So beautiful!

Anne Delisle (Famille Gerdel) said...

So cute!!!!



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