Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The homemade wreath at the front door, welcomed us.  The candles cast their flickering
light on the newly fallen snow.  Every one walking in the sidewalk, to the front door, was
thankful they had been invited.

To the left, inside the door, was a beautifully decorated white and gold tree, with tiny white
lights gracing the fresh evergreen branches.

The hostess of the evening is a florist and the arrangements throughout the room, made
evident the fact that she is skilled in that field.

The dining room table was exquisitely set, including the centerpiece she cleverly designed.

We realized quickly, the love and attention to detail, that this hospitality communicated.

The cranberry jelled salad, was the best recipe I had ever tasted in that category.  She said it was
one of her mother's special recipes.

The delicious chocolate black forest cake, was so moist and delicious!
Their youngest daughter made it for all of us.  What a special treat it was! 

The handsome host of the evening.  He and his wife offered warm, gracious hospitality to
every one of us, along with his uncanny sense of humor, which only added to the fun.

The lovely, caring, and kind hostess of the evening(left), and me,
one of the grateful guests. 
The two of us have been friends since we were sixteen years old.
I continue to learn so much from her, in her many areas
of expertise.

On the kitchen counter was the cupcake holder I had made for her a few years ago, it's
colors adding to the ambience of the open and spacious kitchen.

Everywhere were evidences of the fact, that this couple's faith, energy, and love went into
welcoming us and making every one feel so thankful to participate in such a memorable

"Christmas is a time to do special things for people we love.  It is a time for building
and enjoying traditions that, in the long run, bind families and friends together.  It is
a time for mysterious bundles and expressions of love.  It is the time to extend the
warmth of our personal hearth to those who are outside in the cold."
~from "The Welcoming Hearth" by Elizabeth R. Skoglund

My youngest sister is the amazing photographer who so skillfully captured everyone of
these pictures, and shared them with us.  I thought maybe you would enjoy seeing them

So thankful that you stopped by here today.
My uncle captured my new header picture recently, and I thought it was too beautiful to
not share it, despite the fact, that try as I may, I could not get it centered as it should be.


Christine said...

It all looks so lovely, starting with the door and ending with that wonderful Header!

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

What a beautiful post!! I love this time of year. The blessing others.....spending time together.:..wonderful stuff!


Judy said...

It looks like a most 'welcoming hearth' was extended! Glad you could be there...and share it with us. I love spending time with special friends at this time of year.


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