Monday, December 9, 2013

Miscellaneous Monday.

The pots at my front door.  The old clay pots which have proven faithful for
many years.  I added the lit sticks from our daughter's wedding almost three years
ago, stuck down in the sand, along with cut evergreens and red berries from
bushes at the side of our house.  I am surprised at the endurance of these lit sticks,
surviving through the wintery weather, on our front porch.

The first substantial snowstorm of our winter season happened yesterday, cancelling most
events in our county, giving us the gift of a few extra hours in our Sunday.

I found this picture recently, of me and my Grandma at a
Christmas celebration many years ago.  I clearly remember
the love and feistiness she exhibited in her life, and that was evident
here on the picture.  I was her oldest granddaughter and loved the
times we spent together whenever they happened.
Bantering was a part of our friendship.

I was showing the picture to my own oldest granddaughter on
Saturday, explaining to her, that just like her and I enjoy
spending time together, my Grandma and I liked it too.
For fun we struck up a same pose picture.  I told her
that someday before she knows how it happened,
her and her oldest granddaughter may be striking the same
fun pose:)
You were right Grandma, what goes around, does most
certainly comes around.

Hoping to remember today, that in all areas of life,
memories are being made, lives are being touched, and others
are learning from us.  Sometimes I just need to be reminded of this,
especially during this busy Christmas season.
Thanks for stopping by and sharing in my "miscellaneous musings".


Jeane` said...

So sweet mom! It also appears that your little mini-me will love you until you are 96 years old, staring out at your bird-feeders and listening to hymns. ;)
Love you!

lindsey said...

that beautiful pot looks so welcoming on your porch and those photos are great fun to see!

Happy@Home said...

Your pretty touches look so nice with the snowy background. I think you had a great idea with the light sticks. The arrangement you created makes for such a warm welcome.
I just love the picture you shared of you and your grandma. How nice to have shared such a special relationship. The picture you and your granddaughter re-created is priceless. So sweet.

Judy said...

Beautiful...the photo of you and your grandmother...and the one of you and your oldest granddaughter! So true...what goes around comes around...and so quickly!

The light stix add the perfect touch to your clay pots!

Anneliese said...

So cute! You are right where I am! My oldest granddaughter came over yesterday and I told her about my grandmother. When she hugs me now I don't have to bend over and her arms come right around my waist. It's hard to believe.


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