Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Thanks Barnes & Nobel for providing a spacious, interesting, and fun place for children to spend time in, especially on a cold, rainy winter day.
It was her first visit to the bookstore and she was thrilled.
I desire that my grandchildren develop a love of books and reading, like their mother's did when they were younger.

 The big train set with small wooden, magnetic trains offered her the opportunity to enter the world of "train imagination" time.  What a great way to get children to visit a store...free entertainment.

 I enjoyed sitting on the chair watching her and wondering where her thoughts were taking her?

Samples were available to play each musical book.  I appreciated the fact that she refrained from begging to take one of each, home with her, even though I know that is what she wanted in her heart.  And, yes, we did buy a book for her.  Time at this bookstore, was a good experience for the two of us.  We did read on the large sign, stating that they have weekly story times for children, with little wooden benches included.  I told her we would come back some Saturday afternoon, so that she could share in that event.

Just sharing an idea for spending time with little ones that might be in your care.

Thanks for stopping by today.


Stacey said...

Good Morning Judy. :)

You know my boys are 20 and 23...when they were little we spent many hours at B&N. We would go have cocoa and read. We'd always buy something to be polite, of course. We went to story hour many times. Once I remember it being a pajama party. We loved it and it's a great way to foster a love of reading.

Kathleen said...

Oh that every child would find a Wonderland in a bookstore! I remember being quite young when I became enchanted with the library. I'm not so sure the children of today are as smitten with the written word as were we "older" generations :)

About that train. I do believe it's the same set someone kind gave to our 2 year old Kole; their child having outgrown it.

Books and trains. My ... what a lovely elixer!

Melinda said...

I love books and I have my Mom to thanks for that. Summers were spent at the library and bookstores
are a magnet for me today.

I love reading and sharing that with my students.

Have fun at storytime!!

M :)

Judy said...

Bookstores are great places to spend time with the grands. And it looks like you found a good one!

Anneliese said...

Precious time spent together! I'll have to check out story times.


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