Wednesday, January 23, 2013

From a past issue of "Country Living" Magazine(British Edition), a breakfast tray I would love to deliver to our daughter's doorstep this morning, if she lived closer to us.
Today, is her 28th birthday.

She has added so much joy and fun to our lives.  Here she is, years ago, pictured with her grandpa who loved her so much.  In fact, she was most blessed in that she had two grandpas that adored her, and they are both in heaven now, but their memories live on.  The above picture is one of my dad, and his adventures into the early beginnings of the computer world.

We have so few pictures of me and my daughters, and as you can see this one was 2006.
I don't remember the occasion, but I treasure the picture.

Her dear husband and her, on Saturday's walk around the lake.  We did get to visit together on Saturday and have two birthday celebrations.

And with her adorable daughter.

Wishing you a special birthday celebration today, dear daughter!  Wish we could be with you.


Debbie said...

Happy birthday to your BEAUTIFUL daughter! How I envy you all those daughters! It's hard being away from them on their birthdays though huh? Enjoy your day!

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

What a special tribute to your beautiful daughter!!!

Praying you both have a! :-)

Judy said...

Happy Birthday to you lovely daughter!

lindsey said...

Lovely photo's...its so hard when we cant be with them on their birthdays isnt it? But I am sure she had a wonderful day.

Happy@Home said...

I am behind on my blog reading and missed this post. I hope your daughter had a wonderful birthday.
Love all of the photos. Such beautiful daughters you have.

Kathleen said...

All of your girls sure resemble you! I know this must have blessed the birthday girl mightily.


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