Monday, November 21, 2011

Everything about their old, stone farmhouse, creates the warm welcome that an early Thanksgiving dinner needs.  The old wooden log was makes the perfect shelf for her kitchen vignette, including the small apron that she wore as a child.  My sister-in-law was blessed with an artist gift of being able to take old and new treasures, and make a beautiful display.

Each year we look forward to seeing what special Fall tablescape she will share with us.  This year was no exception.  She cleverly covered the long line of tables with brown paper, and scattered red leaves, differing sizes of canning jars filled with white beans and votives, and pumpkins down through the center of the table.

The coffee table continued on with the table theme and the huge mugs were perfect for the many coffee drinkers amoung us.

When one has the smaller rooms that an old farmhouse provides, and one has 29 people coming for a Thanksgiving dinner, one just has to improvise.  That is an area where my bil and sil are gifted.  My bil covered the open side of the porch with heavy plastic, making it warm enough for all of us to eat out on the porch, despite the fact that it is the end of November.  What a creative idea!  We all ate in comfort, although I did miss the countryside view from their porch.

Again, there were old crocks filled with an assortment of nuts, waiting to be cracked open and eaten.
It seems the children and adults alike, can be entertained with this activity for a long time.  With a brown paper tablecovering, one can let the shells laying on the table.

Look at the concentration on their faces as they tackle the nut cracking task at hand.
Really, this is a good way to keep the younger ones occupied after the dinner.

For a few hours after dinner had been served, we relaxed in their cozy, warm, inviting living room.  What fun to sit and share old and new stories and events together.  It is a rare, and much treasured happening for this family.

This pretty grandma finally has time to sit and relax with her granddaughters, after once again serving in the role of a talented, giving hostess.  Her and her family sure do possess the gift of hospitality, and have created many fond memories for their extended family.
Wishing you blessings on this Monday!


lindsey said...

This looks wonderful Judy, you are right your sister in law is truly gifted. I love brown paper and have used it for years to wrap Christmas gifts adding string or ribbon to tie them up. I love the idea of celebrating Thanksgiving but of course it doesn't happen to the same extent here in the UK. We do celebrate Harvest Thanksgiving to a lesser extent. Happy Thanksgiving to you! x

Kathleen said...

"Tablescape". I've just got to think in these terms; and you give me such great material for doing so!

Yesterday we had my youngest son & his family to dinner. The happiest moment for me came when they were all laying on the floor in front of the fireplace; the bigger ones laughing & teasing each other; and the little guy, Kole, mesmerized by my Christmas train. I grin even now just recalling it.

There's just nothing like relationships to make the season a "scape" of it's own.

mK said...

I am soo happy you shared this! I so greatly wish I could have been able to make it! So, being able to see photos of the day makes me so happY! Thanks Aunt Judy!

Jeane` said...

Oh my goodness! As if I already didn't want to be there so badly! I am fortunate to know that the people at the table are as beautiful and inviting as the presentation!

Connie said...

How special to make it work even with a house with small rooms!! The table looked lovely and I'm sure the food was fabulous! What a talented and family centered family you have!!

Happy Thanksgiving! Connie

Judy said...

It all looks so warm and inviting! What an undertaking to host a harvest dinner for 29. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Crickit said...

What a great idea to make the porch the dining room for this Thanksgiving Feast! Wonderful! :)


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