Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Question;   Is white really a color?

Answer;   That depends upon whom you ask.  Scientists consider black to be the absence of light (and color if you like), and white to be the pressence of all colors.  Fine artists on the other hand, believe the complete reverse:  white is the absence of color.

To a housepainter, if you can get it in a can, it is a color.

White projects purity,

~all above info from...

How the color white affects us physically?

Aids mental clarity.

Encourages us to clear clutter or obstacles.

Evokes purification of thoughts or actions.

Enables fresh beginnings.

~above info

White is calming and soothing to me.

And, someday I hope to have a white room like the beautiful one above, or maybe to just have the privilege of sitting down to dinner in a white dining room.
Whether white is a color or not, I am always drawn to it, in whatever form it takes.
Aren't you happy you stopped by?  What does a white room do for you?  I can only imagine how those of you who love the bold, bright colors, will answer?
Happy Wednesday!


mK said...

Aunt Judy - How funny that today you would write a blog on the color white and I would write a blog on the color black! As much as I love bright colors, I really love the simplicity of white. It's so true how colors impact how you feel - in fact today I felt like wearing white, so I did! (With a green scarf b/c I love Green and White together, it feels fresh to me)

Judy said...

And I just visited a blog that posted the song 'whiter shade of pale'. Whether it is a colour or not...white is lovely!

Jeane` said...

Mmmmm....what a refreshing plethora of pictures! I have one simple request. Would you consider waiting oh, lets say, 18 years before the all-white eating area? Or at least install barricades on the doorways in the dining room for when your grandchildren come to visit. We are doing our best to house train them, but still...all white, and all boy...makes me a little nervous! ;)
Beautiful post, mom!

Sheila said...

Love this post. Provokes thought.
I love white it is so clean, crisp, fresh.
Yes, definitely a color.
Thanks for sharing

lindsey said...

I love this post..white is great we have just had our lounge, hall, stairway and landing all painted white, to add to other rooms already white. Great way to display photos in frames. Your flowers are beautiful and our lily of the valley are just appearing too.

Miss Debbie said...

I love clean and crisp.It makes me think of sunshine and the beach....a fav for me!

Christine said...

Hummmmm... white....
I think it's a color! I looked into my closet and saw mostly white.

Love to wear white, not so much around the house.

Kathleen said...

Oh my; what a refreshing post, Judy. I'm so glad I dropped by.

White has long been one of my favorite colors :) We used to have white carpet, and it actually held up quite well - grandkids and all. But in these latter years we've opted for practical ...

I can't think of white but that I don't also think of the beach (don't know why), my daughter's wedding (her flowers were amazing - - and all of them white), and white chocolate :)

Huge hug,

Terri said...

Hi, Judy! Thanks for you recent visit! I stopped in for a quick peek and was pleasantly greeted by your lovely blooms. So glad I stopped by on my way to bed!

The Tiquehunters Wife said...

Hi Judy!
I so enjoyed all your thoughts on all things WHITE! Lovely pictures to start the day off with too! I am also drawn to the all-white room decor that I am seeing on blogs and in decorating magazines these days. My dear outdoorsy husband would never be comfortable in such surroundings-so I compromise-and have been adding more white in little ways around the cabin. Ironstone and white washed flowerpots mixed in with a bit of silverplate- have added an updated splash of freshness to enjoy in my quiky decor!
Thanks so much for your sweet words of encouragement at my last post-Judy! Have a wonderful day!
With love from the Cabin,

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

I loved reading your post today. It SO reminds me of spring...which..we've seen very little of. :-)'s suppose to be mid 60' we'll slowly find spring soon I hope.

Praying for you.



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