Saturday, April 23, 2011

Life does go on.  Today after the rain I took pictures of my blooming, Bleeding Hearts.   Even though the rain was heavy this morning, their tiny, delicately created blooms shared their beauty.  Don't you just love perennials?  Year after year they come back to visit.

Their artistic design is amazing to me.  They reminded me of hearts with tear drops when I took this picture.

Thanks to a creative lady in blogland, I copied this fun idea and three little grandchildren eagerly made each little nest.  The blog is..."" .  I really enjoy every visit I make to her fascinating, beautiful, and well written blog.  I know she would like if you visited her too.  The recipe for the chow mein nests with the eggs can be found on her blog, along with more pictures.  The grandchildren were excited to make the edible favors for our Easter dinner, and can't wait to surprise their parents with the completed project.

Finally, I want to share my adorable little Easter bunny with you.  Her other grandma captured this picture for me and eagerly I will share it with you. 

It has been a sad week for all of us, but today I am passing on some nuggets of joy with you, from my world.   Easter is one of the most thrilling and important holidays for me.  Tomorrow I will share a few thoughts from my heart.
Happy Saturday!


Jeane` said...


You let out the HIGHLY GUARDED "SECWET" that Annie and Christopher have gone to GREAT lengths to keep from me. Oh well, after I leave this comment I shall wash my brain of ever seeing this post. Except the bleeding heart close-up. That was exceptional!!

BARBIE said...

Beautiful. I am off to visit the lovely blog you posted about! Happy Easter!

Lovella ♥ said...

OH . .you have bleeding hearts blooming already. It does seem appropriate after your difficult week. Praying that you are blessed tomorrow.
Happy Easter Judy!

lindsey said...

Beautiful flowers...dont think I have seen those before, clever nests and a very cute little rabbit.
I hope your Easter day is blessed and you will continue to find comfort in your Lord


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