Wednesday, April 13, 2011

 I know April showers are an important part of the whole process of this season of the year, but I found myself looking forward to Spring and Summer's PINK.  It is a happy, fun, calming, feminine, and gentle color to me.  Today, I want to share a few of my Spring and Summer pinks, from my photo file with you.

Here are some pretty flower cookies that my sister served to her husband's family on Sunday.  She is like me in that she likes taking pictures of food as in this picture of her pink and green cookies.

Here is the birthday cake created for my sister's beatutiful "20" year old daughter.

The little girl in pink on this picture, always steals my heart, and pink always reminds me of her.  This picture of her and her dear mother, was taken a few weeks ago.

The pink orchids are on my daughter and son-in-law's kitchen table.  Friends from their church gave them the orchids and told them all they needed to do to keep them alive and blooming, was to add 2 ice cubes to the soil every so often (I forget how often), but they are multiplying for them so they must be doing something right.

I look forward to when my friends on the farm, have their flower gardens in full bloom.  In the above picture, I filled my canning jars with their abundance.  I wish you could visit their gardens and see what talented gardners two ladies in their seventies, can be.

My mother's flower beds have beautiful pink petunias growing in them every summer.  Pink, purple, and white...that is what she prefers in her flower bed, and I like the way the colors look together.  I enjoy picking them and putting them in my little glass vases.

Ready for her walk, a few weeks ago.  Cute in her pink.

And of course, pink reminds me Easter Sunday with little girls in their dresses, the pink flowering tree blooming, and the pretty pastels of the colored eggs.
Now, didn't the pink of this post help to brighten your day and make you look forward to the warm weather ahead? 
Thank you for stopping by.


a woman who is said...

Hi Judy, Thanks for stopping by. The pink was just what my eyes longed for this overcast spring day. Yes we do need the rain I suppose.

Easter dresses and pastel eggs, yes I am looking forward to allll that too!

It would be delightful hanging out in gardens together!

Happy@Home said...

Your post today tickled me pink!!
Those cookies are almost too cute to eat. Your littlest granddaughter looks so precious in her pink outfit. That is such a sweet picture of she and her mommy. The older girls look darling in their Easter dresses with the pink tree in the background.

Marian said...

I would love to know the 'every so often' secret to those orchids. I have some orchid plants that I got recently, and I would love to know how often to add 2 ice cubes! Is there any way of finding out?

Just a little something from Judy said...

Marian, I called my daughter to ask her the specifics and she said it is 4 ice cubes once a week. She said she has so much trouble keeping plants alive, but this trick works for her and her orchids are doing so well.

Judy said...

It happens to be snowing here this a touch of pink was just what I needed!

LisaShaw said...

I enjoyed this message and the one above it. Your photos are always so full of LIFE, LOVE and BEAUTY! I'm always so blessed in my visit.

Thanks for sharing family, spring time and your heart with us. Love you!


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