Monday, January 31, 2011

Slowly it rose this morning.

A new day was dawning.

What will this day hold?  What is in store for this week?  Certainly, it has a gorgeous beginning and offers me a fresh, clean slate.

"I went to the theatre
With the author of a successful play.
He insisted on explaining everything.
Told me what to watch,
The details of direction,
The errors of the property man,
The foibles of the star.
He anticipated all my surprises
And ruined the evening.
Never again!-And mark you,
The greatest Author of all
Made no such mistake!

~from the book, "Recapture The Wonder", Ravi Zacharias

A new week.  A new day.  Thank you God for these special gifts.


lindsey said...

Amen! and beautiful photo's

Kathleen said...

So lovely. I'll bet that sunrise is especially warming & welcome given your other, winter conditions?

I sure like Ravi Zacharias, too. He makes me think; and that's always a good thing.


Jeane` said...

Beautiful! The sun was so bright on those pictures, i almost needed my sunglasses!! ;)
Thanks SO much for your help this morning.

Love Being A Nonny said...

No, HE did not make a mistake. I LOVE LOVE LOVE watching the sun rise. Thanks for sharing. Have a GREAT week.

Judy said...

It's a new day...and a beautiful one at that! Lovely pic's.

Miss Debbie said...

Beautiful pictures and great quote! God certainly never disappoints!


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