Thursday, January 13, 2011

The last of the wedding pictures will be shared today.  The above 6 foot trees were put together a few years ago by a creative friend of mine.  She used tree branches and placed in a bucket with cement.  She asked if I wanted to use her trees for our wedding since it went the theme of our wedding.  We were thrilled that she shared them.  She had tiny white lights intertwined on the white branches.  She cut out snowflakes, hooked them to the branches with ornament hooks,  and used them as placecards for the reception seating.

It was an elegantly beautiful display that greeted the guests as they entered the reception area of the facility.

She had also created a larger snowflake that was placed on each table with a pinecone and evergreen, displaying the number of each table.  Her creativity was a gift to us via this clever way to seat everyone.

The father - daughter dance was danced to the group Heartland's song, "I Loved Her First".  Emotionally, the words got to me as I sat there watching them dance together.

They chose cupcakes to use as their "wedding cake".  Chocolate and raspberry cream with white roses and edible glitter.

They were served with vanilla ice cream from a local dairy.

Here the bride and groom are pictured with the bride's cousin and the girl he recently announced his engagement to.  Just amazes me that they are at this stage of their lives already.  Seems like yesterday they were racing around the playground together.  The engaged couple is getting married in July.  Another fun wedding to look forward to.

Like all good things...the end of the evening was upon us.  Saying goodbye was so difficult as she joined her new husband in the limo and headed for a life together.  Difficult and yet so happy...I'm sure you know what I mean.

Your interest in the wedding and your response to the pictures helped me realize again, just how good it is to have others care in what you experience.  I enjoy when you all share your lives via blog, and certainly now more than ever.  Thank you!


GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

My heart was moved seeing these beautiful photos! What a special time in your life :)

Debbie said...

Judy, I know what you mean!

Susan said...

Dear Judy, What a BEAUTIFUL wedding! Your daughter's dress is GORGEOUS! I can't believe she found a dress that fit perfectly with no alterations! What a blessing! I LOVE that she included all the little ones! They are adorable! I have never seen a groom look SO VERY HAPPY! It is evident that your daughter means the world to him! May the Lord bless them as they begin their married lives together!
I have planned two weddings {both under a HUGE tent in my back yard!}
One was in summer, the other autumn. Perhaps the next one will be in winter...I have imagined it in my parents barn...we'll see...
And, yes, I do know what you mean!

Wanda said...

Judy, I'll never forget my wedding night. The reception was over and I was getting ready to go with my new hubby! I was soooo nervous - I hid in my bedroom for a few minutes. Where did the years go?!!? It wasn't easy leaving my parents - I can identify!

lindsey said...

Thanks for taking the time to add all these lovely photos and sharing your beautiful day with us!

Miss Debbie said...

Beautiful pictures! Looks like it was a lovely wedding. Love her dress....from the pics, it seems to be the perfect one for her. Hope they will be happy for many years o come!

Nanette said...

A tear in my eye! So nice to see the beautiful wedding pictures. She was a beautiful bride and her smile shows how happy she is. Congratulations!!

Melinda said...

Very creative and fun.
All of your helpers really stepped out to the box and made the day fun for all.


Stacey said...

Judy, the wedding pictures are all so beautiful. Your daughter looks like a barbie doll in her dress. The cupcakes are spectacular and fun! I know you are happy and a little relieved. :)

debi said...

Judy so glad you are sharing such special moments with us. The photos were beautiful as was the bride :-)

Got so choked up just looking at you and your baby as she left you for her new and exciting life with her husband.

Remembering the excitement I myself felt leaving my parents for the first time....yes life continues on.

Excited to see how you adapt so wonderfully in the days ahead, both you and your husband...I know you will keep us posted. :-)


Christine said...

Seeing that last picture of you and the bride, says it ALL!


Kathleen said...

OK, so now I've seen them all and conclude the bride sure stole the show! What a beauty.

I loved your commentary, too, Judy. It tells me a lot about your mother's heart. So precious.

Bet you're taking it easy this week. I just KNOW you worked your hands & heart at full throttle to make it the memorable event it is.

BARBIE said...

Thank you for sharing this beautiful part of your life with us. I don't yet know what it's like to say goodbye in that way to a daughter, but I have one (19) who is in a courtship so I am sure it won't be long. Your daughter made a stunning bride!

LisaShaw said...

Absolutely beautiful Judy!

I've enjoyed every moment you've shared with us. I feel like family.

Praying all GOD'S BEST over you and your entire family.

Much love!

corners of my life said...

I am sure that your wonderful attention to little details made this day all the more special. Having had our son's wedding this year, I agree that the help of friends is priceless.

Tracy said...

Loved seeing these photos from the reception. It was every bit as beautiful as expected. The snowflakes on the trees were a perfect touch! Those cupcakes were so lovely too! When I saw that photo of you and your daughter as you said goodbye, I felt a catch in my throat. Yes, I know exactly what you meant! Truly a bittersweet good-bye. Thank you so much for sharing these very special moments of this beautiful wedding! Blessings...

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

Simply BEAUTIFUL my friend.

Thank-you SO much for sharing this amazing time in your families life.

You truly are BLESSED beyond measure.

Crickit said...

Congrats on your daughter's wedding! It looked like a beautiful day for a beautiful girl. I loved all of the photos. Thanks so much for sharing them!

P.S. The last photo really put a lump in my throat.


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