Monday, December 27, 2010

This morning, I was reflecting back over my last week and counting my Christmas blessings.
A few I will share with you...

...the beautiful, relaxing and festive music that Fox News Channel played all day on the 25th.

...the gifts I chose for the little ones in my life were hits, at least for the most part.

...that I now have my very own personal cleaning girl, and the best part is that she comes every week.

...she takes her job seriously, does thorough work and even cleans my living room cabinets.

...broom included with her on the visits.

...for all the treasured moments I had to spend with the newest member of our family.

...the fact that our three daughters and three granddaughters got to spend Christmas Day in our home. This is a rare occurence for us.

...and last but not least, I am thankful for the beautiful snow we received last evening, and that it was not too much to interfere with my nephew's wedding.
Just a few of the blessing that are on my heart today.
Hope your Monday is a good one and that you are able to stay warm.


Lovella ♥ said...

absolutely lovely blessings Judy!
Such lovely glimpses into your family time .. and snow.

Judy said...

I think you have been busy over there...a nice kind of busy! It sounds like you had a lovely Christmas with your family.

Miss Debbie said...

Sounds and looks like you had a special time. Doesn't it make us "grandmas" happy when the gifts are right? Sometimes it is hard to know. But it seems my three were very happy with theirs, too. PTL!!

Kathleen said...

Your little cleaning lady is classic(and so utterly sassy)!

A mound of blessings for a Monday morning, huh? Oh the joy of His abundant life.

Blessings & hugs,

Happy@Home said...

Thanks for sharing your Christmas blessings, Judy. I must say you have the cutest cleaning girl I've ever seen. She appears to do a good job too.
I'm glad you had all of your family together for Christmas. That truly is a blessing. Love the photo of you and the newest addition.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

I too am counting my blessings...too many to name...

There are a lot of Christmas posts, but none as important as this one...

Happy New glad to have a few days to read blogs..

Melinda said...

Great things to be thankful for!

Happy New Year!


Connie said...

Beautiful! Your Christmas was beautiful in all ways!

Happy New Year! Connie

cottage farm villa said...

Judy, what a beautiful family you have!! Your grandaughter and her little broom is so adorable. Wishing you are yours a Happy New year ... much health and happiness~

a woman who is said...

Looks like you all had an amazing Christmas. I enjoyed looking at all the pic's, especially the lovely wedding.

Happy New Year and blessings to you and yours!


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