Monday, December 6, 2010

Last year if you remember from my blog, we celebrated my family's Thanksgiving celebration in our garage. This year on the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend, we celebrated in my brother's barn. It was the perfect place to celebrate our time together.

Our meals do not include traditional foods year after year. Since we celebrate after the Thanksgiving holiday and since my husband and I are the ones that host it, we go for taste and simplicity. What will best feed 35-40 people quickly, simply, and inexpensively. This year it was three big spaghetti pies, a big, fresh garden salad, a bowl of cole slaw, and warm from the oven cheese rolls. But, the one tradition that has carried on from year to year, is the vanilla pudding dessert from our mother's kitchen. It takes the form of either vanilla pudding pies or as in this year, a big, delicious bowl of vanilla pudding. It is a painstaking, time consuming dessert since it is always made her way, with the Cook & Serve Jello pudding and not the Instant pudding. You can imagine how long it must take her to cook and stir all of the milk (one gallon of milk) and six large boxes of pudding. This made two bowls of pudding and one small pie. She has stressed to me the importance of using a non stick pan for this procedure. She adds the graham cracker crumbs, the sugar, and the butter mixture as a crust in layers throughout the pudding. She tops this delicious pudding with real whipping cream that she whips with her hand mixer. Then with one of her decorating tips she makes the dollops on top of the pudding. Just in case you are interested, she also stresses making this dessert at least a day on ahead of when you serve it. She says, " that this step is crucial, because it tastes so much better.":)

One very special lady, my mother and her own unique, vanilla pudding creation. Eagerly we look forward to this delicious Thanksgiving tradition.
It is Monday morning and a new and busy week awaits us.
Wishing you some moments of joy as you face this new week.


Love Being A Nonny said...

I would love to have a barn like your brother's barn to hold celebrations in!!

Lovella ♥ said...

We will be hosting my family gathering in our shop on the 1st of January again this year. Last year was our first try and everyone loved it.
Your mom's pudding creation looks fantastic. I love any cooked pudding dessert and was just looking at my new straight sided glass bowl yesterday . . .wondering what i can put in it for Christmas dessert.

Judy said...

Your barn party sounds delightful! I like your mom's pudding trifle creation. It reminds me of our family favorite 'Danish Cream Squares'...which are graham wafers, 'cooked' vanilla pudding, whipping cream...drizzled with chocolate. Always the perfect ending to a festive meal!

Crickit said...

I just love family receipes that are handed down, generation after generation. This vanilla puddding dessert looks yummy! Hope you have a wonderful week! :)

Cherrie said...

Now I see where you get your beautiful looks, your mother. She is so pretty and I remember the pudding made that way (we have lost our patience I believe)

Happy@Home said...

Your Thanksgiving celebration in your brother's barn sounds like a wonderful day. Your mom's special dessert looks scrumptious. I love the pudding that you cook on the stove, but haven't had it in years.
Your mom is a very attractive lady, just like her daughter and granddaughters.


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