Thursday, June 17, 2010

July 4th celebrations and the beginning of summer go together in my book. So many traditions and memories come with the summer season of the year.
Thankfully I still live in a free country and have the privilege of celebrating July 4th however I choose.
I needed to provide a desert for a group of people this week and was limited in my time. I made this simple, quick and delicious recipe. I put it in my old ice cream parfaits, but it could be served in clear plastic cups of clear water glasses, or whatever you have on hand.

I like the look of these parfaits and the tiny flags on them. I know I am rushing the holiday, but like every other holiday in our country, it is okay to start ahead of the day.

To make these parfaits, I took two boxes of jello(I used 1 strawberry and 1 raspberry, instead of 2 raspberry boxes). I did not feel like going to the store, and it tasted just as good. In a big bowl, I added 2 cups of boiling water to the 2 boxes of jello. I stirred until it was totally disolved. I added a can of cherry pie filling and stirred until blended. With a measuring cup I poured the blended mixtured into the individual glasses, set them on a tray and covered with plastic wrap. Refrigerated until firm. This can be refrigerated for a few days ahead of when you are going to serve them.
When ready to serve add fresh blueberries on top, and a dollop of whipped cream.
If you want to add an extra touch, you can add little flags(you can purchased small bags of these at your local grocery store this time of the year).

I loved when my mother would pack a picnic lunch or dinner in the summer. She would include fun surprises with the meal and it was always foods we loved. I can distinctly remember some of the picnics she packed and the parks where we ate them.
The above picture was from a July 2000, Country Living Magazine. I thought it was a beautifully packed picnic basket. Just for the record, my mother's picnic basket did not look like this.

This festive looking table celebrating July 4th, was from the same magazine. I told you I save all the pictures that I like from old magazines. This table setting is one I would love to be invited to. I like the idea of the old buckets filled with ice, soda bottles and flags. I like the silver ware utencils wrapped in red, white and blue napkins or tea towels.

And this hammock, is a place I would love to spend a few hours reading, now that it is summer. Doesn't that look inviting to you, with the old quilt draped over it? I can almost feel the summer breeze from the trees, and smell the freshly mowed grass:)

Or maybe you would rather sit in these rocking chairs on this old porch and sip lemonade together. Another picture from a past copy of the same magazine.
Maybe on July 4th, you could invite someone to share some time on a picnic, or around your outdoor table, or on your old rockers. You cook some hot dogs or hamburgers on the grill, and then whip up some quick, good tasting parfaits to serve for desert.
Hospitality creates memories.
"Hospitality is a gift. It is a gift that says to the person to whom it is given, "I care about you."
I am thankful for the examples I had in my life, to see hospitality shared, and the memories that came with it.
It is not about entertaining, it is about hospitality. " Home cooked food" and" comfort food" are phases that are now seen on every food magazine cover. We cling to the good memories we have of our own childhood and many of those memories have to do with food.
A few of my treasured summer memories include food, picnics, fireflies, rootbeer floats after an evening of weeding the gardens, lots of lemonade, and hours of time on the old monkey swing in our back yard.
Now, it is my time to help create some fun summer memories for others in my life.


Love Being A Nonny said...

I just got my hammock out last week. I love to lay in it at the end of a long day...and the littles love it! They will all be here for Cousin Camp next week so the hammock will be rocking!

Judy said...

That looks so pretty...served up in ice-cream parfaits! I don't have any 'old ones'...but I think I might just pick up some new ones.

Hammocks, picnic baskets, and good food...I'm ready for summer!

Landis said...

You got me in the mood for Fourth of July festivities! Now if only I could get my parties to look as good as those magazine shots! :)

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Those desserts look fabulous!!!!! I will have to keep this one in mind to make.

Thanks for the inspiration.


Melinda said...

You are the second blogger with the
summer theme today. I love wsummer too but I just don't handle the heat very well. If it could just be warm in the summer I'd be real happy but.... I manage anyway.
As I said in the other blog--summer
brings back great childhood memories.

Have a wonderful day.


Happy@Home said...

Your parfaits not only look patriotic and summery, but also fresh and delicious. I will remember that idea and hope to be able to try it this summer.
The photos you share and your happy summertime memories are such an inspiration for getting the season started off on the right foot. Lovely post.

Miss Debbie said...

You are absolutely correct about hospitality! Great parfait idea... cool and refreshing summer dessert. And food just taste better when it's pretty!! :-)

Debbie said...

I remember one summer in Texas we were invited to the city park one evening to eat watermelon for some occasion. I remember an old truck (which might have been new then:) with a large load of long green striped watermelons in the back with ice packed all around to chill them. We had an ice house in that small town and it was easy to get. The adults sliced those watermelons on the tailgate of that truck in long slices thin enough for us kids to eat without a fork. We were a happy sticky mess and allowed to eat all the watermelon we wanted AND spit the seeds away from the crowd:)I haven't seen anything like that in a long time. We paid $1.or less for a huge watermelon at that time; I just paid $5.99 for a medium seedless one. That's like buying sirloin! Good pics, good memories.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

They look so good and so cute....Love the idea and am going to do it for my littles..And we need a new hammock.....

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

Oh the thought of a hammock...oh my! LOVE!!

The dessert looks fab...and another great idea that I'll be sure to try.

And, the 4th of July is really just around the corner!

Have a blessed evening my friend.

corners of my life said...

Don't you just love comforting, charming photos from magazines. I start relaxing just looking at them. Thanks for the dessert idea ~ so festive looking . . .

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I like your red white and blue parfaits! I am a jello fan and it always a nice cool dessert to have in the summer.

My favoritie memories of summer was going to the beach, eating watermelon, the ice cream truck coming down the block ringing bells, and playing all sorts of games outside with my friends.


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