Friday, May 15, 2009

Ranch Snack Mix

I thought I would share this recipe with you since I made it yesterday. It is another quick, easy and delicious recipe. It makes a large bowl full of snack mix. I keep out what we eat and freeze the rest in a large airtight container. I needed two gifts this weekend and that is why I chose to make this now. It is one of those gifts that when given, the recipe is often requested.

Pictured are the ingredients required;
1 (12oz.) pkg. minature pretzels (whatever type you prefer)
2 (6oz.) pkg. Bugles
1 (10 oz.) can salted cashews ( or peanuts or almonds)
1 (6 oz.) pkg. bite-size cheddar cheese fish crackers
1 pkg. dry Ranch salad dressing mix
1/4 cup vegtable oil
In large bowl, combine the pretzels, Bugles, cashews, and crackers. Sprinkle with dry dressing mix. Drizzle with oil. Toss until well coated. Store in airtight container. Yield: 6 quarts.

I purchased this inexpensive blue plastic bucket from the paint section of the Home Depot store, many months ago. I put a clear cellophane bag in the bucket, filled it with the snack mixture, tied it with a ribbon, added a clear plastic scoop that I had purchased from the grocery store, and tied in some faux daisies. A fun, easy gift to give.

One time I purchased this glass container from the clearance shelf at Marshalls. I filled it with my snack mix, added a bow, and secured the glass lid on each side with a bit of clear scotch tape. Another pretty, inexpensive gift to give this weekend. I will complete each one with a small gift tag and I am on to other projects that need my attention.


Sharon said...

What a great tip/idea! I so enjoy reading your entries each day...well, as much as I can. :) Thanks for all the time you invest for those of us who don't even know you. What a blessing you are!

Stacey said...

What a great idea!

My dad's 70th birthday was in January. I've been sending him a little gift every month to celebrate. You just showed me the next gift. :) Thanks!

Happy@Home said...

This recipe looks like a handy one to have for all of the casual summer get togethers. Thanks for sharing it. I like the clever ways you have packaged it for gifts.

Have a great weekend.

Melanie said...

I love this for a gift! Thanks for the idea.

Shelley said...

SOunds yummy and I love your presentation of the gift - especially w/ those daisies - very thoughtful!! When should I pick my snack up??? :-0

Judy said...

That looks like a wonderful combination of 'crackers and snackers'...I will try your recipe sometime soon. And what great packaging ideas! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Ya, fellow artist, I love this mix but your ideas how to package for gifts are ideal. I did not think to freeze it either. Perfect for poolside snacks. Thank

lindsey said...

You have such great ideas! I just bought some clear bags today from Lakeland, We dont have a store near us so when we went to Windsor today I picked some up and I am glad I did after reading your post. Have a lovely weekend!

Tracy said...

What a great gift idea! Both of the ways you presented it looked great! This seems like a perfect summer snack. Thanks for sharing this with us!


P.S. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

I love it...I'm going to copy it...creative & yummy! Thanks.


Barb said...

Judy, this looks so good. Thank you for the recipe and your gifts look lovely!!


LisaShaw said...

These are neat tips to share a treat. You are always so sweet.

Thanks for your comment on my marriage blog. I love you much.

Anonymous said...

What fun and creative gifts Judy! I would have never thought to do something like this. I love it ♥ I copied your recipe and now I will look for some fun containers. Thank you. Thank you for all of the wonder comments you have left on my blog also :>)


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