Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Memories Of Dinner On The Range

As some of you might know, my brother-in-law is a co-manager of a guest ranch in the Rocky Mountains. He and his family live high in the mountains, and he fulfills all of the many duties required to have a guest ranch run smoothly. Words cannot be found to adequately describe the beauty and the uniqueness of this place. Even though it has been over a year since our visit, the memories are still fresh in my mind. The pictures I am sharing with you today are of our memorable "dinner on the range." We left the ranch on horseback and road quite a distance up the mountain.

We left our horses tied on the fence rail at the top of the range. If you take notice, the outhouse is in the background. All of the comforts of home at the top of the mountain.

Hard at work, the ranch hands and cooking staff were preparing our dinner on the grill. The view at this spot was spectacular, and the aromas were so inviting.

My BIL giving dinner instructions to the guests. His warm personality and great sense of humor go together, making him a host that guests remember.

The picnic tables, with the blue and white checked tablecloths added the perfect western flair to this dinner on the range.

Warm homemade apple crisp and vanilla ice cream was the best finish for the meal. Coffee...lots of hot coffee in blue agateware just does not get any better than this.

The ranch hands and wranglers conversing after dinner. They come from many different areas of the United States to work on this ranch, and quickly become good friends.

My brother-in-law taking time out of his duties to listen to his daughter's words of concern. Father second, as it should be.

As darkness set in, we headed back to the lodge, carrying with us a very. special, outdoor summer memory.


Kathleen said...

I want to go!!! What's the name of this adventure? How might I get more info?

What a beautiful setting. There's just something about nature & horses & cowboys that harks back to simpler times. Add apple crisp to that.

I wonder if my 61 year old derriere could handle the saddle? I think I'm going to check out the possibilities.

Stacey said...

That looks like fun! I think your brother in law has the job many men dream of. I know my hubby loves the Rocky Mountains and horses and camping and camp food...

southerninspiration said...

Wow, I'm so impressed that everything matches and sounds so good! What a fun adventure. That looks like fun!


Tina Butler said...

How beautiful everything from the horses to the table settings. I wish i could of went to :(. Thank you for stopping by my blog, I really appreciate the nice comments. I will be back to yours again.

Beth at Aunties said...


I love this post and it reminds me of home. I grew up in Idaho and the Sawtooths, Island Park, Yellowstone, Montana, and Jackson Hole areas were a big part of our family vacations. We would say...God's Country!
Thanks for sharing this! I am sure your BIL has one of the best jobs ever...and his little family also gets the benefits of what he does.

Anonymous said...

My son is a horseman. He has a job in the city to support his family, but his love is riding and breeding Tennessee walkers. His group ride every weekend. They go once a year to Missouri, take their horse vans and sleep in them. They eat a lot of beans and taters. Such blessings to have fun. It is contagious even through blogs.Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Where in the Rockies is the ranch located? So very beautiful!!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I saw your comment on Cynthia's cottage and came over to see your blog! I love it! I have good memories of going to a ranch like this one years ago near Durango! I would love to go again! Love your recipes here, too! Thanks!

Happy@Home said...

What a lovely experience that must have been. After seeing the beautiful photos I can see why that day would stand out in your memories. That is such an awesome part of our country. I'm sure your brother-in-law loves his job.

Blessings each day said...

I like everything but the outhouse. Years ago, when the kids were much younger, we did something like this, but ended up at a campfire roasting hotdogs over it.



Shelley said...

I've always dreamed of visiting a ranch out west. I loved these photos - I want to visit this place! Sounds wonderful!!

Judy said...

Oh...what fun! That looks like a wonderful place to visit...especially with your BIL as your personal cowboy-tour-guide. 'Dinner on the range' will be one dinner you will never forget.


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