Monday, June 19, 2017


Part of the reason why I was not posting for a long time, was because I have become
a fan of Instagram.  The reason for that, is because I can have a thought, see a scene
before me, try a new recipe, or discover an inspiring moment, and share it with one
picture and a few words.  But, through this new technical medium, I also realized that
with many of those sharing moments, I found myself stifled by not being able to share
a bit more than one picture and a few words:).  For you who know me personally,
you understand that at times, I can be quite wordy.

Blogging...will now be for me, a combination of blogging and Instagram.  I no
longer feel pressure to have a long, drawn out posts, unless I want to.  But, there will
be some short and to the point posts, with maybe only one picture with it.  That way,
I feel no pressure or time crunching when I do new posts.  If you like my changes,
great!  If not, you can stay with the Instagram way of sharing. 
I feel a new freedom now:).

A few weeks ago, I was hosting a milestone birthday dinner, with the honored
guest being an excellent florist.  Immediately, I felt the intimidation that can at
times show it's ugly head in my thought processes.  What to do to create a pretty
table, without trying to arrange a bouquets myself?  One day, while walking through
the garden section of my local Walmart Store, while looking for a flowers to plant
outside at my home, I discovered an abundance of sweet, miniature bright red and
white roses in small plastic pots. An idea hit me.  Buy them and replant them
in my crystal containers.  And, then, in the same garden center, I discovered tiny
red cactus plants to use as individual favors, tying in perfectly with my red and
white table theme.


I removed the miniature rose from the black plastic pot, and placed dirt and all, right
into three crystal candle holders that I have had for years.  Centerpiece complete.
Inexpensive and colorful!

I removed the individual, small red cactus and placed it in an old jelly jar that I had in
my cupboard.  Favors to send home with the women guests.  Chocolate for the men.
The three tall crystal cylinders on the table were purchased when I moved into our
home, at the Ross Store.

I then planted the few rose plants outside, after the dinner.  On Memorial Day, I
needed another centerpiece.  I pulled out a glass bowl from my closet, added some
water to the bottom of the bowl, placed a glass votive in the center, and then cut
some flowers from the garden, including a few of the tiny red roses.  So you see,
three rose plants can dress up more than one table.

Happy Monday to each  of you!


Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

Cute idea! I'm always looking for simple ways to do table scapes. Thanks for sharing!

tootles said...

I too LoVe Instagram, But these posts too! I guess we can have our cake and eat it too!
Thanks for all the posts over the years!
So many recipes and fun ideas I have gleaned from you ! My favorites are the $ store ones. I always think how clever you are!

Blessings !
P.s. Do you allow public followers on Instagram ? If so, what is your account name?

Judy said...

I always appreciate your inspiration! Thanks for sharing all your great ideas on 'making life beautiful'!


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