Monday, June 26, 2017


For years, I have been relying on this small red package of hot curlers, that I purchased
at a nearby drugstore.  On some of her many visits to my home, our little granddaughter
would watch me hurriedly place these hot curlers in my hair, then take them out,
brush my hair, and be ready for the day.  On one visit, she asked me to
curl her hair with them.  I did, and she was thrilled! 

Some months ago, her mother was going to be away for a few days, and she asked
me if I would come to their home and help my granddaughter curl her hair,
for a father/daughter dance as their church.  And, would I please bring my
hot curlers.  I was so happy to honor this request.  The evening of the dance,
we placed the hot curlers in her hair.  There is no set way of doing that.  We
did make sure that all her hair was included in the curlers.  Also, I do place
cotton balls under the curlers at her ears, as not to hurt her ears with the
heat initially.

Then, to keep them from falling out for the next 15 minutes, I tied a big scarf over
them to hold them in place.  This picture always makes me smile.  We waited and

Here is the finished hair style in all of it's simplicity.  I was so pleased at how it
turned out, but not near as happy as she was!

I placed the elastic band with the small rhinestones on it, at the
front of her hair, to keep the hair out of her eyes for the dance.

 I snapped this picture of her and her dad just before they left for the evening.  It is
a picture I will treasure for many years to come.

There are so many times that I use this compact set of hot curlers, that heat up rapidly,
and curl my hair with the same amount of speed, that I thought I would share them
with you .  You might be looking for a way to add body or a some curls to your
hair.  Or, who knows, maybe someday, you will be asked to help your granddaughter
get curls in her hair for a special event:)

It is Monday, and I am sure you don't have hot curlers on your mind today, but if you
ever see a compact set of hot curlers like these, you may consider the many ways
it could make your hair care easier.


Happy@Home said...

I am smiling at the timing of your post for me today. I am currently sitting here with a head full of Velcro rollers. After working in the garden this morning I was rather late to take my shower. I was thinking I would sit and read for a while until my hair dries and then take the rollers out. I think the ones you are sharing today would make the whole process speedier. I will look for something similar. See, you never know who can benefit from the simplest of tips.
I thoroughly enjoyed the story of your granddaughter's special hairdo. How sweet that you and she could share this moment. Her hair looks so pretty.

sharon said...

How precious! She is beautiful and will forever remember this story.

Just a little something from Judy said...

Dear Happy@Home,
I continue using the Velcro curlers that I posted about a long time ago, but I use them whenever I am not in a hurry. I prefer them, but I could not be without these, in that they take so little time to heat and to curl. Because of their heat though, I usually always use cotton balls between my ears and the curlers. If you ever use them, you will understand why:). Oh, and when I take them out, I turn my head upside down and brush my hair, then flip it back up. This process always produces lots of body in my hair. This truly is a little something, right???

Christine said...

I've been curious about your hair. It's always so styled. I haven't used curlers in years.
Might have to dig out mine from the back of the closet.

Do you use hairspray?

Your grand daughter is precious! Love how she watches you and then asked you for some curls.

Just a little something from Judy said...

Dear Christine,
Thank you for your kind comments. I do use a light amount of hairspray:)

Judy said...

What a beautiful father/daughter picture! Love that you could 'make her beautiful' for the occasion.

Your hair always looks so beautifully curled and full of body. I haven't had curled hair since I quit perming the 80's. It does not curl easily! Maybe I will have to try again sometime. Thanks for the tips.

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

So heartwarming! She is a beautiful little girl and I just know how much joy the two of you have spending time together.


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