Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Simple joys in the midst of everyday life.  Me...sitting on the wooden stool watching
the "pie queen" at work, while we carried on a conversation.

She peeled and precisely sliced the apples, then added the ingredients to
make the sauce, and poured it into her already made pie shell.

Already a masterpiece, and it is only in the beginning stages.  Conversation continues,
while she effortlessly continues working.

Next...the already put together crumb mixture, which she carefully pours from a plastic
bag, and pats the crumbs evenly over the entire pie, never missing a beat in our
conversation.  I must admit, this is quite impressive to me, because I am one who must
concentrate when putting together any recipe:).

All ready for the oven.  Well, almost...

She took a clean, white, strip of fabric, walked to the sink and wet it, and then
carefully laid it over the edges of the outside pie shell.  I had never seen anyone do
that and found it so interesting.  She said that her mother always did it with her pies,
and that it works better than aluminum foil.

Apparently, I was not the only one that was intrigued by this process.  I was starting
to see that each step in this pie making, was important.

One more step, after it was removed from the oven, she poured over a glaze, and
then let it sit and absorb.  I could not wait until it was time for me to cut a slice and eat it. 
Must admit, when we did finally get to eat it, we would all have agreed, it was truly
one of THE best apple pies that we have ever tasted!

I want to mention, that she told us the recipe was from her daughter-in-law's collection. 
We are grateful to her for her sharing the recipe, and so appreciative to our hostess for
making it!

Also we felt overwhelming gratitude for the magnificent beauty, that was on every
single mountain road we traveled on, this past weekend.  Fall grandeur on display,
warm, delicious apple pie from the oven, and meaningful conversations with friends,
was certainly a fun way to pass a Saturday in November.

Thank you so much for stopping by.  Don't forget about your privilege and duty of
voting today.

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Anneliese said...

That looks sooo good!


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