Tuesday, November 22, 2016


As the special holiday that we know as "Thanksgiving Day" approaches, I want to take this
time to wish each one of you some meaningful moments in the weekend ahead.

Some years, it is easier to count one's blessings than others, but hopefully, you will take
the time to find the gifts that you have been given this year.

Even if your family cannot be together this holiday, you can still reflect on the
gratitude that comes from having family.  This is my dear Mother-in-Law and
her children(except our one brother-in-law), who enjoyed a rare visit together,
a few weeks ago.  She has mentioned since then, how much that time meant to

Oh, and by the way, if during the holidays, when the weather might not permit outdoor
play, you just may want to pull out the big roll of Reynold's Wrap.  It remains one
of our grandchildren's favorite ways to pass time.  Here we had a contest recently.
Who would produce the winning design?

Each child was given a long piece of foil, and then the timer was set.

Simple, inexpensive, and endless ideas are what they come up with:).

Yes, here are a pair of slippers, and she actually wore them afterwards.

I have to come up with lots of ideas, and the older these children become,
the more I work on having that happen.
I know I posted the foil post before, but I do it again, in case you need an
idea this Thanksgiving.  Yesterday, the five children were
here, and once again, the request for foil designing came up.
I guess this would come under the category of living simply
in our complex world.
I am also grateful today, for all of you, and the endless blogs filled with
beauty, any time I want to visit them.  You add inspiration and joy
to my daily life.
Thank you!
I read an article recently, stating the health benefit of getting enough sleep.  It
said that Americans do not realize the importance of getting a good night's sleep.
So, I hope that maybe on this holiday weekend, you might be able to
catch a nap or two.  I love a good nap!
Happy Thanksgiving!

1 comment:

Anneliese said...

What a good idea about the foil play. I have four grands here tomorrow as they have the day off school - even living in Canada! Maybe the foil will keep them busy for a while. =)
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!


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