Saturday, June 4, 2016

One box at a time.  One cupboard, one drawer, one cardboard box at a time, I am cleaning out, getting rid of, and if keeping, I am organizing what is left.  I find this a somewhat emotional
time for me.  Happy memories, sad memories, fun and disappointing memories...they are
all present, as I go through this process.

This week, we found a stack of paper back activity books from my husband's childhood.  Still
as colorful and filled with his young attempts at paintless painting:).

Speaking of my husband as a young boy, well we found lots of pictures too.  Priceless
pictures from many years ago.  Pictures I just cannot get rid of.  Here is my husband,
and his brother, who were 17 months apart, and his sister who were born
five years later, and his youngest sister born 2 years later.  I treasure this precious

This stack of books made me stop my cleaning projects, and just gaze through each 
page.  I smiled as I read them.  The one was filled with many familiar nursery rhymes,
some of which I have not even thought about, since my own mother read them to me, years ago.

Really, Curly Locks, how were you so fortunate?  To feed only on strawberries, sugar and cream?

Speaking of strawberries and cream...last evening the granddaughters were visiting with
me, and we all enjoyed our first bowl of fresh, local strawberries, angel food cake, and
a dollop of whipped cream.  So delicious, although we did not sit on a cushion to eat
our strawberries, like Curly Locks did:).

Now, I am not one who always abides with the politically correctness of our day, but
I must admit, I had a bit of trouble when I went to read this to the children.  "She whipped
them all soundly, and put them to bed."  Really, just because she had too many children???
I wondered what my Mother thought when she read me this nursery rhyme long ago? 

In another act of cleaning out, they discovered my wedding gown.  Immediately, they asked
if we could do a fashion show.  I smile every time I see these pictures.  A dress that has been
packed away for the most part, for the last 41 years, pulled out of storage and modeled by
my very own 8 year old granddaughter.  The safety pins in the back, made it fit somewhat

And almost that many years ago, I wore this long dress, as a maid-of-honor in
my dear friend's wedding.  I remember it clearly.  We wore white and black dresses, and
carried bright red roses.  Now, my little 7 year old granddaughter, with the help once
again, of safety pins for fit, modeled the dress.  Both of them added drama to each
step as they walked in the elegant dresses.

And, that is how we filled our Friday evening.  Simple blessings from the past,
and now adding joy to the present.

The older I get, and the more I look back over it all, I am filled with gratitude for the memories
of my life...the good, the bad, the happy and the sad.  It all went together to make me who I am
today.  Quite honestly, I am enjoying this organizing and packing process.  It is causing me to
stop and think about many things, that my busy life does not have me doing very often.
I read something recently, that best sums up my feelings as I did this post;

"Oh God, you who brought me, without consulting me, without my knowledge of what you were
doing or why, into this difficult and puzzling but also fascinating world, help me to trust you
to know what you're doing.

I owe every single thing I have, and am, and know, and enjoy, and love, to your generosity,
initiative, intelligence, and power...all summed up in the all-encompassing phrase "creative

Teach me to be trusting, instead of cynical; peaceful, instead of quarrelsome; humble,
instead of arrogant.  Teach me to stop thinking I know more and better than the Being that
gave me my being."

~Joan Bel Geddes
 "Are You Listening God?"

"We all live off of His generous bounty, gift after gift after gift."  ~John 1:16 TM

A red rose, just for you today.  Thanks for stopping here.


Anneliese said...

What a sweet post! I am in that place where I could go through many things and reminisce. I love that your little granddaughters enjoyed trying on your special dresses. So, you have me wondering now if you are moving or just organizing for the future.

Just a little something from Judy said...

Anneliese, We will be moving, although it will be close by. That is the reason that I am packing. It seems like a huge job! That is also the reason why, I have not been commenting on the blog posts that I so enjoy visiting and commenting on. Time does not allow that right now, and I really miss it!
Thanks for your visit here.

Judy said...

Precious memories! Thinking of you as you sort, pack and decide what stays and what goes!

We have been enjoying our share of strawberries and cream over here the past few weeks as well. Love the fresh fruits of the season!


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