Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Last weekend, we headed for farm country, on our bikes.

It was a 24 hour break from the daily routines of life.   It included 8 friends who rarely see
each other, but relished the privilege of catching up with each other. 

There was time to rock on the back porch and discuss life as we are living it.

Catching up with friends is such a special gift, whether it is on wooden rockers...

...or by the fire pit at dusk.  Four sets of grandparents, from different walks of life, coming
together for a few brief hours.  It was encouragement and inspiration for each of us.

We crossed the road and visited the neighboring family's garden.  What a masterpiece those
gardens were!  With precision and skill, the lady of the home planted each and every vegetable
and flower.  We had never seen any gardens like it, and spent time inspecting it all.

We heard that marigolds keep the bugs away, and maybe the rabbits.  Do you know why she
placed the marigolds between the spring onions?  Maybe just to add color.  So clever!

The basil plant looked so healthy, that one could almost imagine the flavor that would add to
any dish.

Certainly not ordinary gardens.

We liked how she used this old wooden shutter.

She skillfully added color and design to every thing she planted around the old farmhouse.

Along with her gardening skills, this neighboring friend bakes all of her own bread.  Her she
shared a freshly baked loaf with the eight of us.  I can't tell you how much goodness that added
to our farm breakfast, along with my sister-in-law's superb gift of cooking.

 After breakfast, we continued our chatting, some of us in the water and some of us, in the
old metal boat.  You all know, we as women can talk anywhere.  We aren't limited by the
situations we find ourselves in, right?

Before saying our goodbyes and heading back home, we found time for a bit more conversation,
and sampling some amazing homemade molasses cookies, that our hostess specializes in baking.
They always bring smiles to those who eat them:).

We were all grateful to these two, for the privilege of this short, but fun getaway.

As I was doing this post, I thought to myself, that I wish there was a way that I could share one
of those molasses cookies with each one who visited my blog today.  I would love that, and
so would you:).

Since the purpose of my blog is to add a bit of joy and beauty to your day, I hope you liked
joining us in the country for these few minutes.

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