Monday, March 7, 2016

On a sunny, cool, day, I drove up the stone covered driveway of the old, beautiful Bed and
Breakfast.  I was looking forward to attending a bridal shower for a special bride and groom.
The groom's family has been friends of my family, for many years. It seemed like the best
thing to be doing on a Sunday afternoon.  As I drove up the long driveway, I passed the lovely restored farmhouse.

And, passed the horses grazing in the meadow.

Upon parking, I walked into the remodeled barn, beckoning everyone inside, with it's
signs of "welcome" everywhere I looked.

Those hosting this bridal shower, offered their own signs of "welcome".  I just knew that
I was in for a memorable time.

Inside the lower level of the barn, I saw white linen covered tables, with runners of burlap, soft pink roses, and tiny succulent favors.  Simple, elegant beauty.

Soft pastels,  tiny crystals, and romantic touches were everywhere, in the decorated room.

The wooden buffet inside the door, included many photographs of the honored couple.  This
particular picture caught my attention.  A family friend, who happens to be the wedding photographer, captured this exceptional picture of the couple.

Tiny white lights on grapevines, were woven around  the wooden pillars in the room.

The beauty of the fresh, colorful fruit on the food table, was all the décor that was needed,
in adding the perfect touch to the center of the room.  It tasted so good too!

What a creative way to serve chicken salad!

Three treats that tasted even better than they looked!  Imagine that!

Then there was the chocolate table.  What made it so impressive, is that the sisters of the groom,
did all the chocolate dipping.  Labors of love, for their brother and his soon-to-be wife.  I
could not stop looking at all the detail on each piece.  The bridal party did the cupcakes and
the cute tags.  What a gorgeous display!

The groom's sister, who had lovingly dipped and decorated every
huge strawberry.  Impressive!

And, another one of the groom's sisters, who dipped each piece of evenly cut pineapple.

I cannot imagine the amount of time, that went into creating this chocolate table masterpiece.

A gold plate of decorated sugar cookies, served as a reminder of the upcoming wedding date.

Family and friends, coming together, to celebrate a special couple.  Everyone seemed
happy to be invited.  There was a noticeable joy in the room.

After eating, we moved to the next room of the barn, where whitewashed ceilings, stone
walls, and hardwood floors added to the ambience of the afternoon.

Three ladies who had a huge impact in the life of the groom, and continue to do the same
in the life of his fiancée. 

In the time allotted to opening gifts, the honored couple shared an enlarged picture of this
favorite photo, to hang in their new apartment.  What a thoughtful gift!

The groom and his grandma.  A beloved lady, and a recent widow in her eighties, who
recently said goodbye to her husband of many years.

This family has been friends of mine for many years.  I am so happy for this
young man, and the fortunate young lady, who will soon become his wife.

As I drove through the sun drenched farm fields on my way home, I felt so grateful
for the moments of time, in daily life, where family and friends come together,
and can celebrate occasions together.  This was a memorable afternoon for me.
Wishing you some memorable moments in the week ahead!


Debbie said...

I SOOO enjoyed getting these glimpses of this simple, yet elegant occasion. How pretty everything was and how nice. Love going to things like this too. Hope you have a good week!

Anneliese said...

what a great venue for a bridal shower and so beautifully planned and prepared!
I was especially impressed with the chocolate covered fruit! May God bless their upcoming marriage.

Judy said...

I missed this post...a peek into a most beautiful bridal shower! Blessings on the young couple...their wedding and their life together!

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Special food prepared and served in the most elegant presentation for an adorable couple. Wishing them a lifetime of love and family gathered near to help and encourage.


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