Saturday, March 12, 2016

It was Saturday morning when we met.  We gathered at a round table, in a local restaurant,
and while the sun streamed in through the surrounding windows, we began the catching
up process.  You see, it had been 45 years since we all met together, and you can imagine
how plentiful the conversations were.  We shared some of the endless moments that shaped
us over the years.

We reminisced for the first part of the breakfast, and then shared family updates in the later
part.  There were no breaks in the conversations, and laughter was plentiful.
It was 1971 when we met together at the beginning of the summer, to head for
a weekend at the beach.  After I took this picture, the five of us piled into my
tan VW Bug, and drove the almost 3 hours, to our destination.  We may have thought we
were the "epitome of cool" back then!  If I remember correctly, it would have
been my first time to drive to that beach resort, and we did it without
cell phones and GPS systems.  You can be sure, that our mothers were at 
home praying for all of us.

And now, here we were, the same group, some 45 years later.

 Three of us, in the same year as above, before another road trip to the same beach destination.

Now, 45 years later.

Times are different now, then they were back then.  The pigtails have been replaced with
new hairstyles.  Perhaps we have gleaned more wisdom and maturity since those days. 
We have walked through separate journeys in each of our lives.  We have weathered storms, 
learned through the parenting years, survived some painful heartaches, and found great
joy in our faith.
For some of us, we are in the grand parenting years, and in the midst of the
aging of our own parents.  At the end of our time together, we all agreed, that we
were so blessed to all have our health and presence of mind.  What a gift!
And, we had our friendships still in tact, after all those many years.
Today, I want to remind you to stop and look at those around you, whether your family,
or your friends.  Acknowledge them, spend time with them, and most of all, treasure them.
In rare cases, it may be a long time until you see them again.  It may be 45 years.  Life
does that sometimes.
You too, may someday have the unique joy, of
again sitting with them and catching up on all that life has dealt you.
Believe me, this was a memorable morning, and one that I will treasure
in my heart for a long time to come.
Happy Saturday to you!


GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Such a special gathering of longtime friends! I can imagine how your hearts poured out the best memories and times together as well as highlights of more recent years. Love the photos! A great reunion!

Anneliese said...

I love those retro pictures with the now! I have to say, your group looks too young to have known each other that long! It's hard to believe we are at this stage in life where we can go back that far.

Judy said...

How special to get together with 'old friends' and share the memories. Love your vintage photos! What a great looking bunch...then and now!

Brenda @ Its A Beautiful Life said...

What fun! How very special! What a lovely reunion and what fun to see the then and now photos. Thanks so much for sharing.


Christine said...

Really like it when you reminisce with your pictures!

(I want to buy some of those roses that you pictured on your Header!)


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