Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The year was 1975.  The kitchen was smaller.  The cook was smaller.  There are not
any wicker hanging faux plants now,  nor any plastic dish drainers, but I do clearly
remember how thrilled I was with my first tiny apartment kitchen.  Like then, I still
thoroughly enjoy working in the kitchen. It struck me recently, that I have been working
in my kitchens(since I have had several since l975), for 40 some years.

Recently, I wanted to use the many zucchini that were in my refrigerator.  I did find another
new recipe to try.  It was "pineapple zucchini cake with cream cheese frosting.
You too can find it here;


Apparently, it was first posted by the Pioneer Woman.  She called it " a cake of such
unfathomable deliciousness" that it couldn't be resisted:).  Well, of course I wanted to
try a recipe like that.

I partially shredded the zucchini.  I also added chopped glazed walnuts to the recipe.

I made the sheet cake into small loaves.  They looked so good when they came out of the oven.
Unfortunately, I did not take pictures after I added the frosting.  I did taste it though, and
thought it tasted quite delicious!

When totally cooled, I covered one loaf with plastic and then wrapped it in a new, colorful
tea towel.  It will serve as a small gift that I need now.  The rest of the small loaves will be
wrapped tightly, and go into my freezer for future uses.  I am happy because I don't need to
see the many green zucchini staring at me from my refrigerator shelf now:)

When I am not cooking or baking, I like to dress up my kitchen island for the season.  You all
know that Fall is one of my favorites.  These small touches and the aroma of apple candles
burning, make my kitchen an even happier place for me.  I do kind of miss the tan wicker
plant hanger though:).

And...by my sink, there are still roses from my garden to bring in, and take their
place of honor.  I am not sure how much longer that will go on, but for now,
it is about the most interesting thing going on here, at just a little something for you.
I wish I could offer you a slice of this zucchini pineapple cake.
It is chock full of fresh zucchini and pineapple.  It must be good for you...right?
Thanks for stopping by.  I should say, thanks for remembering that I still have
a blog.  It has been a long time since I posted.


Stacey said...

Somebody will be the luckiest recipient of your special gift, Judy. It's neat to think back at all the meals you've fixed over the years, isn't it? I still love doing it and I know you do too. Thanks for the inspiration today. I need to add a little Fall to my kitchen.

Happy@Home said...

So nice to see a new post from you today, Judy.
That cake sounds and looks absolutely delicious. I like how you made it into several small cakes. What a great idea!! Also love your "just a little something" touches for giving and freezing.
Your kitchen island looks so pretty. I can imagine between the cake and the rose it also smells heavenly.

Lea said...

Oh, that cake looks so delicious! My Mom use to make Zuchinni bread that was so good. Glad you got those out of your refrigerator. :o))) I'm hoping to get some fall touches out soon.

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

What a lovely gift of homemade bread wrapped in a pretty towel! And such a sweet photo of you in your first kitchen! A joy visiting and reading your post.

a woman who is said...

Hey Judy, I have been really bad at blogging these last few years, but I am popping back into blogger for awhile to post and journal about my trip to Italy. Join me if you'd like!

lindsey said...

I love The Pioneer Woman recipe books. Your cakes look delicious and that would be the perfect gift for me to receive so I am sure your recipient will be pleased too. I love the photo of you taken many years ago :) and your Fall decorations look very welcoming.

Anneliese said...

That is a great flashback photo! One thing about a small kitchen is you can't hide anything!
Again, I love your thought to make small loaves to share. you seem to always be thinking of how you can gift something. I guess that is why your name is what it is. =) Very fitting.

debi said...

Looks so good!!

I too haven't been blogging much...having trouble
finding the quiet time needed to do so.


Judy said...

Love that photo of you in your kitchen 'way back when'! As always, the gifts from your kitchen look amazing! It's always a pleasure to pop in here and be inspired.

corners of my life said...

You can't go wrong with a recipe from the Pioneer Woman.
I love watching her show and how down to earth she is.

Christine said...

Again, you have come up with the cutest idea for a friendship give away!


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