Saturday, September 12, 2015

As we drove along recently, we remarked how absolutely gorgeous the day was!  Blue skies
and billowing white clouds made up the scenery before us.

Then, before we knew it, the dark, ominous clouds started rolling in, covering the brilliant blue

Dark clouds starting filling the sky overhead, creating a drastic change in the scenery around us.

Before we knew what happened, the rains began.  Not just a soft, gentle rain.  No, the skies
opened and heavy, pelting rain appeared.

So much so, that we could barely see through the front windshield, despite the fastest speed of
the car's wipers.  As we drove on, at a slower pace, the rain continued it's rapid and furious

And, then just as quickly as it began, it stopped.

The sun appeared through the clouds once again.  Within 45 minutes time, as I peered out
the front window of the car, the weather had gone full cycle.  I thought to myself how
much like life this happening was.  Our days can be going along, the sun can be shining with the
white clouds billowing above, and before we know what happens, a huge storm appears out
of nowhere, with the torrential rains distorting our view.  And as always happens, it is only a
matter of time before clearing begins.  Sometimes, a matter of a short time, and at other times,
a matter of days, weeks, or perhaps years until we see the sun again. 

My thoughts then took me to September 11th, 14 years ago.  It was a clear, gorgeous
September morning.  I drove home from taking our children to school that day, and
as I placed the bags of newly purchased groceries onto the kitchen counter, I vividly remember walking over to the television, and turning on the "Today" show, to see the news. 
You, as well as I, will recall the rest of the story.  How ominous clouds and darkness suddenly
swept in, filling lives with the storm of a lifetime, for our young adult lives.  I am sure you
remember as clearly as I do, where you were, and the circumstance you found yourself in, as the horrendous "storm" details of 911 started to unfold before our eyes.

Yesterday we remembered it all.  Today, whether you are facing sunshine or storms in your
life, may it encourage you to know, that the storms will pass over.

Thanks so much for stopping by.


Debbie said...

Yes Judy this was a good analogy. And I like to remember too how a storm did little to shake Jesus up when He was here. Calming sleeping in their boat until his Apostles woke him up. Then just as calmly He quieted the storm and put things back in order. He is never overwhelmed, never unable to be that calm in the midst of any storm. Trust me, I REALLY needed this reminder today. Hope your week-end is a good one!

Kathleen said...

We could sure use a dose & dousing of rain here, so dry has been our year. I find such great beauty in the early Fall storms. Their promise is every bit as hopeful as is Spring's; promises that soak the soul in hope. Beautiful pictures & analogies, as always!


Anneliese said...

You have me thinking about how storms come and go and also about being in the eye of the storm, held safely in the palm of God's hand. It is so comforting to know that nothing will happen that He does not first allow for some reason, even just for us to learn to trust His plan. Thank you for reminding us once again.

lindsey said...

Great analogy Judy, we often remark on how the weather can change in an instant and memories of 9/11 are etched in memories too. Our eldest daughter was living and working in Brooklyn at the time. We didnt hear from her for five days, a long five days. She had gone onto the rooftop of her building along with colleagues and watched as the second plane hit.
I like what Debbie says above, about how Jesus calmly slept through the storm, reminding us of howwe can put our trust in Him and He will carry us through the 'storms' that come our way

Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

Judy, what a beautiful post and I've lived long enough to know very well that HE does and will carry us through the storms. I've often wondered but HE always proves faithful.

Unknown said...

Hi Judy,

It has been so long since I've blogged visit anyone. I fell out of blogging regularly long time ago but you've been on my heart and I've returned recently to blogging and wanted to reconnect with you. I'm so glad I stopped in. I love the beautiful photos you posted and I pray that you and your family are doing well.

Having been born and raised in New York...worked in the city several times, I was living in New Jersey when 9/11 happened...just cross the water and it hit all of us very hard. Still pray for all the people that day adversely affected.

Indeed the Lord carries us through the storms of life especially those which are unexpected to us but are well known in advance to Him. I'm grateful for His hand of strength and peace that helps us through what we don't understand and don't want to face but it strengthens our faith and helps us to support one another through the trying times.

He is faithful. No doubt about it.

Much love to you my friend. I've missed our connection. I pray all is well.


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