Tuesday, November 4, 2014

"Maw Ma, what are we having for dinner tonight?", she asked, while we were babysitting
her and her brother for the weekend, recently.  Well, I told her, "we are going to make our own
pizza".  "I am going to teach you how to make it, and you will be able to do it all by yourself."
If only every little chef would be this eager to learn. 

Carefully, and methodically, she spread the pizza sauce onto every English muffin half.
I told her to make sure it was spread to the edges of each one, and she did just that, with
her little "chipped nail polished" hand.

So seriously, she embraced every step.

While I browned the hamburger, she added the shredded cheese.

Patting it down as she went.  I am not sure that part was included in my instructions, but
she was set on doing it.  Next step, I had her sprinkle each pizza with a bit of oregano.

As proud as she could be, she held the finished prepared tray.

Next step, under the broiler.  She watched carefully as the cheese melted and browned
slightly (well maybe more than slightly:).

Eager to taste her newly made creation, she proclaimed that it was "the best
pizza that she had ever tasted!"
Look out Pizza Hut and Dominos...we have a new little pizza
baker on the horizon.
It is Tuesday.  It is time to vote.  Please don't forget to do just that.
It is a freedom and a privilege we have that we can never take for
Thank you for stopping by.


Happy@Home said...

How sweet!
You have a very good helper there and a cute one too :).
I am filing away this dinner idea to try with Jaxson in a few years.
Proud to say I have voted and I do agree that as Americans we should never take that privilege for granted.
Beautiful shot of the sun through the autumn trees.

corners of my life said...

Her face is priceless as she held the finished prepared tray. Makes me smiling right out loud.

Kim said...

Well, she certainly is the cutest pizza chef I have ever come across! ;) I keep forgetting about these easy little pizzas. I have teenage "chefs" that need an introduction to this super easy recipe! Thanks for the reminder and my daily dose of cuteness!

Melinda said...

She looks like she had a ball
helping you out!

M : )

Anneliese said...

So cute! It always tastes best when they have put in the work.


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